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During this time, the COVID-19 disease situation has been very complicated, the number of infections has not shown any signs of stopping, which has been causing challenges and difficulties to people's lives. We, Care Vietnam would like to send to the people and community the message: "Care Vietnam will always accompany you on a battle against disease journey".

According to the call to implement 5K of the Ministry of Health, to proactively prevent and control the disease, in addition to wearing a mask, regularly washing hands, and cleaning contact areas, surfaces are also one of the most practical solutions to help prevent the possibility of infection. At Care Vietnam, with our experience and strengths, We confidently bring to our customers chemical and protective products to protect their health optimally with the most competitive prices.

We provide hand sanitizer products, air sanitizers, and cleaning surface products that are capable of holding bacteria. The products are all specialized products, imported genuine from Diversey - a famous American brand. We ensure to bring the best quality products, carefully censored, do not affect human health or cause any damage to your property.

In addition, We also provide medical protective products that provide comprehensive protection when exposed to epidemic environments, chemicals, prevent bacteria and droplets containing the risk of infection. The products are intelligently designed, easy to use, convenient, and do not cause discomfort for users. We are committed that the products We provide meet the standards of the Ministry of Health, are safe for health, and have full of reliable certifications, ensuring the highest satisfaction for customers.

With the slogan "We care for you", let us accompany and share your worries. Care Vietnam is not only a business but also wishes to bring practical, timely solutions, products to the community and accompany the community in the context of the Coronavirus disease. We believe that, when We are united, determined, and well implement solutions to prevent and control the pandemic, We can well control, repel and win the disease.

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