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Planting, maintenaning landscape & green tree packages

When first created Landscaping service, Care Vietnam’s aimed to provide FM services with harmony of a music note in a beautiful opera song.

In today’s modern environment with the increasing of benefits as well as densities of skyscrapers has made more and more needs for building and design landscape to increasing more green to fit on modern life style. Understand these demands, Care Vietnam with foundation is mother company Taisei will provide customer the Japan’s experience and knowledge in variety of specialties through on Landscaping services such as building & taking care of ornamental plans to become more perfection & comprehension.


Periodical landscaping service

Depend on demand & amount of green trees, client can choose different packages. Time peridoc will be decided by agreement of Care Vietnam and clients and will be divided into many degree such as: daily, weekly, every two week, monthly, ect. base on the needs of green trees and client demand.


Daily plant maintenance & landscaping

  • Pruning, shaping ornamental plants.
  • Cutting grass.
  • Spraying, fertilizing suitable for each plant.
  • Checking the pest status of the plants and handle in time to avoid spread.
  • Cleaning, weeds.
  • Making appropriate and effective advice for plants.



Landscaping’s professional knowledge

Our Landscaping’s staff always ready to provide Customer services from personal to big organization with special professional demand.


With full package of service

Reasonable cost & the main spirit “We care for you” , Care Vietnam is almost ready to serve for customers’ satisfaction when using our service.


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