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For Care Vietnam, We are not only interested in the quality and professionalism of the service provided, but we are also very interested in the human factor with the motto "employees are the most valuable assets". Because we know people are the core element of service, when they are cared for and motivated, they will bring the best services to customers.

Since characteristics of essential service industry, even in the current complicated epidemic situation, Care Vietnam employees still continue to perform their jobs, work daily as well as stay "3 on-site” at your projects.

Responding to the call of the Prime Minister to launch the largest vaccination campaign in history for 75 million people in Vietnam recently, Care Vietnam always supports, accompanies and creates maximum conditions to Company employees are vaccinated against Covid-19. Our policy hopes to be able to best protect of employees health, help them feel more secure in giving customers the best and safest services. By the way, Care Vietnam with entire Vietnamese raise in curbing and repelling the epidemic, protecting people's health and lives, and returning the country to normal.

At vaccination points, employees are all health checked before injection. If they meet the conditions, they will be injected and finally monitored after injection. Up to now, most of Our employees have been vaccinated & at least 1 injection according to local guidelines where employees reside. Our team's post-injection health condition is stable and has quickly returned to work.




In the context that epidemic shows no signs of stopping and the number of infections in community is still very high, having a correct understanding of Vaccines and Vaccination is choosing the best protection measure for yourself, and also taking action to protect relatives, colleagues and the community most effectively. Combined with Care Vietnam's strict disease prevention measures, vaccination will create an effective Covid "shield" so that customers can feel secure during using the services we provide.


- Hoang Thi -


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