More than 10 years development, the success of Care Vietnam has marked the efforts and dedication of the employees. Promotion opportunities are opened up for all employees. The career each member of the Care Vietnam accompany to direction of the Board of Directors. The human resources is always rejuvenated to stimulate dynamism - creativity of youth.

Chính sách tuyển dụng Care Việt Nam

To attract talents as well as to stabilize human resources, Care Vietnam's Board of Directors has developed a flexible policy, well treatment and welfare system that is appropriate to development stage of the Company.

1. Employment Policy:

- Unified and open throughout the system.

- Recruitment according to the needs and development situation of the Company.

- Prioritized personnel experienced in need

2. Training Policy

Care Vietnam ensures that all staffs are trained to have the professional skill at performing well the assigned tasks. Training course is carried in the Company and in the site in accordance plan of the Company. The employee get full salary when attend the course.T he fee is which is covered by the Company

Chính sách đào tạo

3. Bonus & Salary Policy

Care Vietnam develops salary and bonus policies correspond to job position, capacity and professional level of employees in order to recognize the ability and performance of the individuals

3.1 Kinds of reward: group and individuals who achieve outstanding performance will be honored and rewarded in a timely, public and fair manner.

Chính sách lương thưởng Care Việt Nam

o Reward achievements: reward individuals / department/ site with excellent achievements in the work, contributing to improve the prestige and image of the company;

o Reward achievements at the end of project : Reward individuals / sections / works / well accomplished tasks assigned;

o Reward initiatives: reward individuals who have benefited in the Company, have suggestions for improvement, contributing to improving the work efficiency, improving the image and prestige of the Company;

o Reward "Good people with good deeds": reward individuals who take action on fire and rescue to protect people and property; brave in the fight against crooks, return the property picked up

o Commendation for Periodic Recognition: Commendation of individual / sections/ work of Excellence

3.2 Types of award of merit: Certificate of award, by cash, promotion, raise salary in advance.

4. Welfare policy:

Chế độ phúc lợi

- Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance shall be implemented in accordance with the law. In addition, the Company also buy Personal Accident Insurance 24 / 24h for exterior construction teams and health insurance for all office workers;

- Organization “Company trip” annually for employees.

- Seniority policy based on working time at the Company to encourage employees to stick with the company long term;

- Birthday bonus policy based on seniority at the Company;

- The annual travel policy is based on the rank and seniority of the company;

- Taking care of material and spiritual life (wedding gifts, gratuity, sickness, gratitude, ...)

5. Company activities:

Sinh hoạt đoàn thể

- Care Vietnam regularly organize activities to create a happy, friendly environment in the company.

- In addition, Care Vietnam special attention to social relief activities, charity. Through activities to build a sense of mutual affection, to be shared in the Care Vietnam staff together with the social community.

Care Vietnam with recruitment policy is constantly improving to attract talented, who are able to bring into full play their ability in the process of working at the Company.

Hoping,We will bring you good opportunities and a professional working environment to develop your career and fulfill your ambition at Care Vietnam.

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