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The 4th COVID-19 pandemic has been prolonged with complicated developments, causing many disturbances to the normal life rhythms of individuals, families and the whole society. Implementation of Direction 16 by means of social isolation in some provinces and cities has affected people's psychology due to the lack of direct social interaction. But this is also an opportunity for us to slow down, take good care of ourselves and our families, change our perspective and choose to be optimistic in each everyday moment.

The human body is a powerful energy receiver. Every thought affects the cells of the body. Positive thoughts have a high vibrational frequency that repels disease. On the contrary, negative thoughts with low vibration will bring more risk of disease. Therefore, each person needs to create for themselves positive mental "prescriptions", especially in the current period of social isolation.

1. Stay positive mentally 

Knowing the dangers of SARS-CoV-2 virus for proactive disease prevention is very important. There's a lot of misinformation out there, get it from reliable sources like TV news, government websites, and national health authorities. Doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ho Chi Minh gave advice, each individual should not be too stressed or anxious, but need to prepare psychologically, mentally and with necessary knowledge to fight the epidemic. Listen to your body, immediately contact medical authorities if you see unusual symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, chills, decreased or lost taste or smell ...
A real example is Mr. Duy Hai Tong (Deputy Accounting Department) of Taisei Group in Vietnam, his whole family tested and found to be positive. After receiving the results, he packed up his belongings to take his wife to the isolation ward. They have a small child and an elderly mother that needs to be taken care of, the couple's quarantine together causes many difficulties.
Unlike most people in the isolation ward, Hai and his wife take advantage of the small space at their personal bed to work, handle the necessary work of the company as well as maintain good living habits. exercise training. Besides, you always keep an optimistic spirit and think positively in any situation, which is the secret for both of you to overcome the epidemic and return to your family and community soon.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle


The Ministry of Health encourages people to regularly practice simple physical activities at home to keep their bodies healthy, active, and boost immunity. According to experts, people who practice sports regularly feel improved respiratory function, better gas exchange through the lungs. In addition, the improved physical condition also helps to lift the spirit, minimize the factors that cause stress, especially during the epidemic days.
Take a few slow breaths
Inhale through your nose, then slowly exhale. Slow breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress, as it sends signals to the brain that it needs to relax.

Connect with others
Talking to close people, telling them about your feelings can relieve anxiety.

Healthy lifestyle
Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, maintain personal hygiene, eat healthy and right meals, exercise regularly, allocate work and rest time appropriately. Alcohol and drugs should not be used to alleviate fear, anxiety, boredom, and feelings of social isolation.
On the other hand, when working from home, it is important to regularly check your posture. Should change position, sit down and stand up when working, walking, talking on the phone or watching TV, listening to music...

Maintain personal hygiene and living area
Strictly implementing the message of the Government and the Ministry of Health of Vietnam recommending "MASK - DISINFECTION - DISTANCE - DO NOT GATHER - HEALTH DECLARATION".
Keep the living area clean: carry out household disinfection every 1-2 days to kill the virus that causes the disease. Wipe clean with disinfecting water on surfaces such as tables, chairs, and easy-to-contact places. Disinfectant alcohol spray, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content, and rinse your mouth frequently to prevent the risk of spreading.



This may be a stationary period for the economies of many countries in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Keeping an optimistic SPIRIT, positive FAITH will be the best medicine at the moment. Each citizen, each family actively participates in disease prevention from small things such as implementing the Goverment Message, or disinfecting regularly, actively applying the above measures to fight the disease.
Through advice from the Ministry of Health and practical evidence from the case of Mr. Duy Hai Tong and his wife of our group, Taisei Group in Vietnam wishes to spread optimism and positivity to everyone. In order to overcome diseases, in addition to the support from medical authorities and from medicines, we should actively prepare ourselves with good doses of "vaccines" for both mentally and physically. We believe that the epidemic will soon be controlled and the city will return to its original state of splendor and glory.


- Thanh Trang & Khanh Ngan -


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