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Until August 3, 2021, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health has censored and licensed eight Covid-19 vaccines, including AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, Sinopharm, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Hayat-Vax and Abdala. Vaccination is an urgent job and needs the coordination and cooperation of all people nationwide in order to achieve community immunity. Therefore, when local people are invited to vaccinate, it should be done quickly to protect personal and community health. “The best vaccine is the one that is given the earliest.”



. What are vaccines?

In 1976, when smallpox killed millions of people worldwide, Edward Jenner (1749-1823) discovered a vaccine for smallpox and the world's first vaccine was born from it. In simple terms, a vaccine is a biological product containing a disease-causing agent (virus, bacteria) that has been weakened or killed. The vaccine is then injected into the body with the aim of triggering the immune system to find the right antibodies to destroy this virus.

2. The mechanism of action of the Vaccine when it is introduced into the body

Vaccines are injected into the body by vaccination to stimulate the immune system to work. When a virus enters the body, the immune system is tasked with searching through millions of antibodies and choosing the most suitable one to destroy them. If the immune system takes a long time to find the right type, the body will gradually weaken and lead to death. If you choose the right type of antibody, it will be saved, later, when you encounter a similar virus, you just need to bring this antibody to destroy it. In short, the vaccine or specifically the COVID-19 vaccine helps to find the dose of antibody containing Covid before the pathogen appears.



1. Injecting them reduces the risk of infection:

When you get the first shot, your body starts to produce antibodies against the Corona Virus. These antibodies help your immune system fight the virus if you happen to be exposed, so it reduces your chances of getting sick. Whether you have been infected with COVID-19 or not, vaccination is essential. Vaccines do not guarantee absolute 100% prevention, the effectiveness of prevention can reach 80% or 90% depending on different vaccines.

2. Create herd immunity:
Herd immunity occurs when most people in a community are immune to a contagious disease, that is, they can come into contact with someone who has the disease but not get the disease.
Vaccination will create herd immunity because everyone is immune to this virus. For example, in a community of 10 people, if not vaccinated, the risk of infection may be 7/10 people; But if vaccinated, only 2 out of 10 people remain. Moreover, many scientists have shown that a person who has been vaccinated with COVID-19 is still infected with COVID, the rate of transmission to others is very low.

3. Protect the injected person from falling into severe form and having to be hospitalized:

Up to this point, the vaccine used in Vietnam has not been shown to have had a case of serious illness or death. The vaccine helps the disease to be mild, most of the positive cases if vaccinated before, recover very quickly. Many treating doctors point out that if vaccinated before, the disease usually does not change seriously, does not need treatment, and the recovery rate is even faster. Even if there is no test, it will not detect the infection because there are no signs and the health condition is normal.

4. Integrate into the “new normal” life as soon as possible:
Up to the present time, Ho Chi Minh City has undergone nearly 4 months of social distancing, entertainment activities, economic development also stand still. The Department of Health has sent a document to the Ho Chi Minh City Steering Committee for Covid 19 Prevention and Control on the application of the "COVID green card" to individuals who have had 2 doses of vaccine or who have had recovery from COVID 19 and have completed the procedure. Individuals and employees with a "Covid green card" will be able to participate in social activities according to a specific timeline, combined with measures to ensure safety for disease prevention and control according to the Government's regulations. Thus, it can be seen that vaccination is an important and prerequisite condition for gradually moving towards a new normal life and economic recovery.



Accordingly, We would like to re-emphasize the great importance of community vaccination, especially in this time of rapid spread of Delta mutation. Taisei Group in Vietnam always actively creates the best conditions for all employees to perform the 1st dose vaccination and the 2nd dose vaccination plan in the next month. All employees of Taisei Group in Vietnam are aware of the benefits of vaccination against SARS- COVID-19 vaccine and always act quickly when there is a call for vaccination from local authorities. In particular, we are always aware of strictly implementing COVID prevention measures - comply with the "MESSAGE" of the Government "masks - disinfectants - distance - do not gather - medical declaration" at our office as well as all the works in charge.

- Thanh Trang -

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