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The old year is about to pass with many changes and difficulties. Despite a challenging year, members of the Taisei Group family in Vietnam still overcame geographical distance to get together in a cozy year-end wine party in which we share sadness, happiness, success and concerns...



In the evening of January 14, 2021, members of the Taisei Group in Vietnam from all over the country got together in the year-end party filled with warm and loving atmosphere. Even though the bygone year was messed up with all types of crisis, even though sometimes we misunderstood each other and had conflicts but at the end of the day, we still decided to sit together to cherish our passed journey. The year-end dinner is also an opportunity to give our thanks the Board of Directors, and at the same timeexpress our appreciation to the long-term members with excellent endeavours, who have always made great efforts to create many achievements for Taisei Group in Vietnam.




Mrs. Tran Thi Bich Thao - CEO of Taisei in Vietnam, the inspirational woman who  ignites the fire of motivation & enthusiasm among employees and spreads positive energy




A token of gratitude & appreciation to our Brothers and Sisters who have devoted their best to the collective success


Above all the difficulties is the solidarity, the mutual trust so that when an old year has passed and a new year begins, all of us can hold hands more tightly, love each other even more. Each individual on the large ship of Taisei Group Vietnam will cross waves heading into the ocean for a glorious future. Together we can do it!



- Khanh Ngan -


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