The Employees

Đội ngũ công nhân viên

Due to the characteristics of the Industrial Cleaning Service: labor cost is over 80% of the total cost of the service. So, human resources is the most important factor in this services

Having enough human resources is hard, rejuvenation of human resources is even more difficult matter. To solve this problem, through community activities, Human Resource and Recruitment department has organized many programs such as Scholarships for poor students at universities, colleges taking place every year that help CARE VIETNAM with fulfill workforce as well as to complement dynamic and youthfulness in the labors.

Moreover, the brand name and well policy of company helps us keep employees have loyal and dedication to the Company.

Machinery, Equipments, Tools and Chemicals for industrial cleaning Services

Máy móc, trang thiết bị , dụng cụ và hóa chất Vệ sinh Công nghiệp

Along with the Cleaning services, CARE VIETNAM also imports machinery, equipment, tools, chemicals directly from countries with competitive price, as people said "buy at the root, sell in place". The quality of machinery, tools and equipment, chemicals is not only meet the need of services but also save labor force making stable quality services with reasonable price.

Customer Services

Dịch vụ Khách hàng

Call Center 1900 636 191 và (24/7)

Customer Service of CARE VIETNAM: 24/7 services is willing to answer all questions of customers and workers across the country about services. Through the automated recording system when the conversation through 1900 636 191 and network system, your message & Workers will be resolved immediately and timely by the Board of Directors.

The 60M rule (solving client complain within 60 minute) applied at CARE VIETNAM expresses the culture company: “Customer is King” according exactly to slogan: “WE CARE FOR YOU”.

Ho Chi Minh

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