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According to the current architectural trend, buildings, hotels, offices and the constructions for relaxation or entertainment in general are often designed with glass walls to create their own beauty and sophistication, aesthetics for the whole structure. But after a long time of using, under the influence of weather, environment changes easily making the glass surfaces blurred, stained, causing loss of aesthetics and reducing life, so cleaning the glass is extremely important. However, glass is installed outside of buildings on high, so cleaning requires a technical team with sufficient skills and deep expertise to be able to perform.


Following the history of the construction industry, a modern architectural school in the world called "the Chicago" in the nineteenth century used glass materials to create large windows for their first skyscrapers. These famous windows are called the “Chicago window” which is the prelude to modern glass architecture.


Undergoing the renovation and development until this day, the glass material has become an indispensable part of the architecture of the building. The glass walls will help get natural light, reduce the load on the substructure and significantly expand the space, bringing a relaxed and pleasant feeling when working. However, existing around us are countless tiny dust particles that are invisible to naked eyes, day by day ing more and more and eventually become large plaques on glass surfaces. Dust patches can discolor buildings and even create mossy and gray walls, especially in the rainy tropical weather country such as Vietnam.


Why is glass cleaning necessary and important?

First of all, the overall exterior of the building reflects the company's brand image. When customers or partners come to visit, appearance is one of the important elements that create a brand awareness and also leave an impression at first sight. Just like the folk saying "Beauty thanks to silk" means how people can give good impressions through their appearance, thereby creating confidence when being looked at by others. Similarly, when we take care of the appearance of the building, it is like your business is put on a beautiful shirt.

Secondly, the building is also the internal working environment of the company and it affects 60% of working perfomance. Working in a clean, bright space is certainly easier to spark creativity and inspiration at work than having to work inside walls full of plaque and stains.

Thirdly, regular cleaning of glasses also helps prevent dust, and protect the respiratory system and health in general.

Understanding the importance of cleaning glass outside on high, CARE VIETNAM especially provides aluminum cleaning solutions that are made according to a strict process with a technical team of many years of experience. We ensure thorough care for the glass surface, maintain the shiny beauty to create an aesthetic, luxurious and safe space for the building.


Being the leader in industrial hygiene field in Southeast Asia, CARE VIETNAM always focuses on compliance with occupational safety and hygiene standards during construction. In order to do this, all selected employees must have nerves of steel and be professionally trained by a team of experienced and qualified experts. In addition, each employee is equipped with protective equipment, construction tools, keychains, Cousin pro 11MM climbing ropes meeting European standards, safety vests and helmets. Besides, we also invest in Gondola system (suspension) and forklift to provide technical support for the construction process. The scaffolding system is set up with a mesh covering around it to limit dust and the risks of dropping items during cleaning. In addition, all professional staff are entitled to buy accident insurance 24/24. The chemicals used in the cleaning process are specialized lines of chemicals for glass cleaning, belonging to the famous American brand Diversey to maintain the gloss and longevity of the material.


The exterior of the building is scheduled for monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance, which means promoting direct marketing to customers about the image, prestige and professionalism that a company is aiming for. With leading service quality, CARE VIETNAM is being trusted by many customers such as Bitexco Financial Tower (BFT), Vietcombank Tower, Pepsico, Etown, Pearl Plaza, MPlaza, Sai Gon Tower, Vinhome Central Park, Caravelle, Sofitel, Petroland Tower, Centre Point... for many years until now.





Our service spirit is "We care for you", CARE VIETNAM is committed to returning the glass surface as shiny as new, bringing absolute satisfaction to customers.



- Khanh Ngan -


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