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Tokyo, 1st April, 2018

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our company.


Taisei was founded in Nagoya City in 1959 as a corporation dedicated to cleaning activities for buildings. Since then, by accumulating know-how in cleaning, security, facilities management, hotel guestroom cleaning and renovation work, we have steadily grown into a corporation providing comprehensive building maintenance.


The business environment surrounding us is changing swiftly now. Under the influence of the economic recovery and the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games held in 2020, the construction of new buildings concentrated in the Tokyo area. Intensifying competition in this industry and conspicuous manpower shortage caused by human resources inflow into the construction industry has become a major issue.


Under such circumstances, to seek our new business, we are expanding building maintenance business and peripheral business by conducting M&A, capital alliance and business tie-up mainly in domestic and Asian regions.


In addition, we are developing new services and products and creating new businesses and are promoting transformation from building maintenance business to comprehensive service business.


We will continue to actively pursue “new challenges”

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