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Proper sanitation to prevent Covid-19 pandemic

Regularly cleaning, disinfecting homes and offices, as well as keeping the air ventilated are essential measures to prevent the acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). This is an infectious disease that is highly contagious through the respiratory tract. New virus strains have appeared & currently there is no vaccine or special treatment for prevention.


The world is facing an unprecedented pandemic. Through the prism of Covid – 19, humanity is witnessing an inverted world. SARS-CoV-2 (new strain of Corona virus) has a microscopic size that is invisible to the naked eye, but it is a combination of extremely dangerous features: highly contagious and lethal. They exist in the environment and on contact surfaces which are prone to pathogens, especially doorknobs, cell phones, computer keyboards, water valves, etc. which are prone to pathogens Joe Allen, an associate professor at the TH Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University said "Fortunately, the virus is easy to be eliminated on surfaces" and the frequency of cleaning becomes an important factor in the prevention of the Covid – 19 pandemic.


Why cleaning and disinfection are so important?

SARS-CoV-2, thevirus that causes Covid – 19, can be minimized and eliminated from surfaces, utensils and hands if appropriate products are used correctly. This virus is thought to transmit directly from people to people through droplets, but the indirect transmission can also occur when contacting a contaminated surface and then touching the mouth, nose or eyes. Cleaning and disinfecting help to kill pathogens on contact surfaces and reduce the risk of infection. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has compiled a list of disinfectant products that can be used as prevention precautions against the virus including aerosols, concentrations and wipes.


Sanitation and Disinfection: what's the difference?

 Sanitation: helps remove visible virus, stains and impurities from surfaces or objects by using soap (or detergent) and water.
  This process does not kill the pathogen but removes virus and reduces the risk of infection.
  Disinfection: the use of chemicals to kill pathogens on surfaces or utensils.

This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces, but by removing the virus on the surfaces after cleaning, it can further reduce the risk of infection.



Which surfaces and spaces need attention?



The Floor: viruses can be brought into the house from the outside, especially in office areas and public places where people are constantly in and out. Hence, it is necessary to make sure the floor is cleaned with disinfectant as regularly as possible.









Fabric items: areas such as sofas, floor mats are places of regular contact with people. To prevent transmission, disinfection or washing of carpets, sofa coverings should be done with hot water at least once a week.









Technology equipment: cell phones, computer keyboards are the ideal shelter for viruses, bacterias as they are exposed to hands most frequently. All technology equipment should be cleaned regularly with disinfectant solutions.







Create a fresh, well-ventilated environment: ensure ventilation by enhancing natural ventilation in the workplace. It is recommended to cooperate the use of Hepa filter air purifier or natural essential oil diffuser to enhance antibacterial effect, purify the air, inhibit the multiplication and spread of the virus, bacteria as well as prevent respiration related diseases.





In addition to the good practice of hygiene - disinfection, exercising and strengthening the immune system are also essential and indispensable measures to prevent Covid – 19. Each of us should be conscious of protecting ourselves and the community, hence join hands to improve the quality of life and repel the Covid – 19 pandemic!!!


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