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Cleaning after construction

Why should we choose the cleaning service after construction?

Surely everyone can imagine the mess and huge amount of cleaning work after construction, we will definitely spend a lot of time and effort to clean by ourselves with basic tools that still not ensuring the new space is completely clean as expected. Understanding this concern, Care Vietnam gives you super clean post-construction cleaning solutions to every detail with a professional of trained staff, machinery and safe chemicals for environment and human.

Understand the process

With their professionalism, cleaning technicians always understand all the stages and types of machines that must be used in the cleaning process, from the raw cleaning, waste treatment, and final cleaning operations are handled quickly and professionally to give you a clean and safe working and living space.



The most advanced and specialized equipment

We combine specialized industrial cleaning machines such as combined floor scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, pressure cleaners, ect. Especially, Care Vietnam uses Diversey cleaning chemicals of US that meet international standards, certified to be safe for human health and the environment.



With the spirit of dedicated service, our greatest happiness is help our customers satisfy all their aspirations for a perfect living space.


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