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Effective Pest Control Solutions For Hotels

Pest control for hotels is one of the most important aspects to consider in the hospitality industry, because it boosts the service quality and the sustainable development of the business. 

What does pest control mean? 

Pest control means inspecting, reviewing, preventing and handling pests that are harmful to humans and the surrounding environment.

Top places pest is commonly found

Pests such as fungi, termites, ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and rats... often appear in the following areas:

  • Hotel rooms, offices: shelves, cabinets, wooden beds, and dark corners are sources of food and habitat for insect pests such as termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes to thrive.

  • Kitchen area, dining room: These places are where there is an abundant food source. Therefore, if the food is not stored carefully, insects such as ants, cockroaches, mice, etc. will easily intrude, destroy and spread serious diseases.

cockroach causes infection

The lack of pests, specifically cockroach control may cause infection

  • Outdoor space is where rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches often appear because there are many bushes and scattered food
  • Basements, garages, and garbage areas are shelters and food sources of many different insects such as mice, mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants.

  • Balconies and corridors are areas prone to ants, termites and cockroaches because there are many hidden corners that are difficult to clean.

  • Wet and dirty drains and sewer pipes are the ideal environments for the rapid proliferation of cockroaches and mice.

The importance of pest control 

A short knowledge of pest control may threaten the development of hotels.

A short knowledge of pest control may threaten the development of hotels.

  • Harmful insects such as three-cavity ants, cockroaches, and mosquitoes... result in many risks that affect human health and hotel business:
  • The bacteria on some pests can spread infectious diseases such as malaria, flu, lung-related diseases, skin allergies or diarrhea…

  • The appearance of insects can seriously affect the service quality and reputation. It is possible for businesses to compensate their customers for the poor services, or even be suspended or stripped of their business licenses. As a result, these issues may cause extremely severe losses.

  • The cost of repairing and replacing the interior and exterior, damaged by termites, is much larger than the cost of hiring insect control services for the hotel.

Care Vietnam - Effective pest control solutions for hotels.

Control pest by routine cleaning

Routine cleaning

Routine cleaning helps to prevent and control pest effectively.

  • Regularly cleaning and sanitizing hotel rooms, cafeterias, kitchens, restrooms and offices. 
  • Neatly arranging furniture, appliances and other items

  • Using the right sizes of trash bins to avoid overflow. 

  • Filling in the standing water. 

Physical pest control

Small mesh nets

Small mesh nets are used to prevent pests in hotels. 

  • Using small mesh nets to prevent the approach of pests. 
  • Installing a system of LED light to catch - rebel pests

  • Applying (sticky) traps to eliminate rats and insects 

  • Regularly checking and regenerating the hotel environment to prevent and eliminate pests in time. 

  • Using essential oils in combination with a nebulizer not only helps get rid of insects but also creates a pleasant and relaxing feeling for the hotel. 

Depending on the condition and level of insect numbers at the hotel, Care Vietnam will advise on appropriate physical methods of pest control to optimize the result and ensure safety criteria throughout the process. 

Chemical pest control 

chemical pest control service

Care Vietnam provides chemical pest control service.

  • Chemical pest control is the use of pesticides in combination with specialized machines to get rid of pests, and improve the pest condition immediately. This is also one of the most effective pest control solutions implemented by Care Vietnam. 
  • Spray chemical mist: applied to interior spaces such as hotel rooms, staff rooms, warehouses.

  • Spray chemicals in the form of heat haze: suitable for outdoor spaces, large gardens, helping to kill insects immediately.

Thermal pest control  

Thermal pest control is an eco-friendly approach that uses high temperatures to effectively exterminate pests. The area will be heated by heat capture technology and maintained between 50 - 60 degrees. The gradual increase in temperature will help to eradicate thoroughly the life cycle of harmful insects from eggs and larvae to adult insects.

With the motto "We care for you", Care Vietnam is committed to providing the best pest control and prevention services for hotels. At Care Vietnam, we have a team of managers and technicians who are trained with professional knowledge and experience in the field of insect control with optimal, friendly and safe methods. In addition, we are also equipped with modern machines and specialized chemicals. The process is committed to strict implementation, ensuring safety to bring optimal efficiency.

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