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Facade Cleaning Service

Thanks to the outstanding advantages, glass materials are increasingly used by investors in projects. However, after a long time of use, the glass surface is no longer shiny and gradually oxidized, causing many effects on the building. With the desire to bring a clean and shiny space, Care Vietnam provides glass cleaning solutions with a professional implementation process.

Care Vietnam - The difference in facade cleaning services

As a leading expert in the industry, Care Vietnam specializes in providing services in accordance with the quality process from surveying the site, and proposing an appropriate implementation plan, while still ensuring absolute safety.

Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning for a high-rise building

Distinctive quality standards

  • Glass mirror has no stains, dirt, cracks, deep scratches, fingerprints or chemicals left on the glass surface.

  • No water stains, no blistering.

  • Edges, corners, edges, frames, and molds are cleaned and dust-free.

Always ensure labor safety when working at a height

All personnel working at height are professionally trained and certified for working at height at prestigious units such as Quatest 2, Quatest 3.

We use modern climbing equipment that is approved by the company. imported from big brands such as Petzl, Protecta (Europe)...

Cooperate with many buildings

After many years of development, We are proud to be a unit with much experience in providing glass cleaning services with top quality and professionalism for many high-rise buildings and high-class apartments such as Bitexco, Vietcombank Tower, Vinhomes Central Park...

High-standard facade cleaning process at Care Vietnam

To be able to clean these glass panels, it is often necessary to use professional glass cleaning tools. And the workers performing must have the experience to ensure safety.

Step 1: Prepare

  • Personnel: the staff performing the overhead glass cleaning are young, healthy employees who have a lot of experience in glass cleaning of high-rise buildings, are fully certified for working at height, and are insured against accidents. accident, health certificate.

  • Set up warning signs and zoning in the construction area, and at the same time, arrange for safety supervision.

  • Prepare safety equipment: climbing rope, hanging platform (gondola), lift ladder, rope clamping device (ascender), helmet, safety hook, and specialized glass cleaning tools: cleaning cloth, glass wiper, chemical containers...

  • Carry out the installation of the lifeline and seat belt systems according to the procedures and instructions from the Technical Supervisor. Then proceed to clean the glass.

Step 2: Clean the facade

  • The facade of buildings with material and angular characteristics makes it easy for dirt to stick to. On the aluminum frame surfaces of high-rise buildings, it will usually stick to dirt, glue, and paint stains that are difficult to clean for a long time. In order for the cleaning of glass and aluminum frames to be effective, it is first necessary to use a knife and specialized tools to scrape and remove these stains.

  • Then use specialized industrial cleaning chemicals for the facade with the appropriate dosage to clean the facade frames. Wipe again with a damp cloth and clean water. Check the cleaned areas before moving to another location or handing them over to customers.

Step 3: Clean the glass surface

The glass surface is the most important position in the glass cleaning process of the building, helping to bring the building back to its inherent elegance. Therefore, Care Vietnam always puts absolute focus on this stage with the following implementation method:

  • Clean the dirty spots on the glass surface with specialized tools

  • Dip the towel in the industrial cleaning chemical that has been mixed in the appropriate ratio. Then rub it evenly on the glass surface

  • Use a special glass wiper to clean the surface of the glass panel. (It is necessary to unify the blade and wipe direction to ensure that the glass is completely clean. The blade needs to be wiped dry after each wipe to ensure hygiene.)

  • Use a cloth to clean the glass surface & check the shine of the glass before moving it to another location

Step 4: Collect working tools and clean the necessary places

Care Vietnam has abundant human resources and many years of experience in the field of industrial hygiene. We confidently bring aluminum and glass cleaning services on high, ensuring to meet the criteria and requirements of the Contractor / Investor.


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