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Selling And Rentaling Industrial Cleaning Equiqment

Not only providing professional and comprehensive cleaning services, Care Vietnam also provides and leases industrial cleaning equipment and machinery from Taski - the leading brand in the US.

What is industrial cleaning equipment?

These are modern machines and equipment specially designed to serve the cleaning and deep cleaning of stains and plaques at construction sites, buildings, offices, commercial centers, etc. This type of machinery and equipment is often combined with cleaning chemicals to optimize efficiency.

industrial cleaning equimpent

Industrial cleaning equipment helps deep and efficient cleaning

The importance of equipment - equipment in industrial hygiene

Save time and costs for businesses

With high operational productivity, the use of modern equipment in the industrial cleaning process helps to optimize cleaning time, save labor costs and not waste labor effort.

High performance

The cleaning equipment with large operating capacity helps to quickly deal with stains on the floor. Simplify manual cleaning tasks for outstanding performance.

Types of industrial cleaning equipment Care Vietnam provides

Modern industrial cleaning equipment and machinery are effective assistants in cleaning processes such as daily cleaning, post-construction cleaning, etc. Not only save time and human resources, but also bring outstanding results. 

  • Floor scrubber: used for polishing hard floors, carpeted floors. The machine works to remove stains quickly with a speed of about 150 - 190 rpm.

  • Floor polishing machine: the machine is used to polish materials such as marble, granite, granite. The machine has a very high rotation speed from 1,100 to 1,500 rpm. The device will make the coating chemical press deeply into the surface to make the material shiny and long-lasting.

  • Combined scrubber: the machine is used to clean hard floors with a large volume of work. The device has a closed structure that pumps and discharges chemicals - scrubs and vacuums.

  • Vacuum cleaner – water: used to vacuum dust and water before or after scrubbing floors, washing carpets or used to wash chairs.

  • Upholstery chair washing machine: is a specialized device for cleaning upholstered foam seats.

  • High pressure washer: the machine is used to spray floors and wash walls with high pressure from 140-160 bar.

  • Floor carpet blower: is a device used to blow dry floors, carpets, and chairs after cleaning. Using a strong jet of air from the device, creating a continuous air convection stream is to deeply dry carpet, floor, and chair surfaces.

  • Hand grinder: used to polish stone floors in small areas such as stairs, steps, or to assist in washing chairs and carpets. Just swap out different blades for specific purposes.

  • Grinding machine, cutting machine: a type of machine used to smooth concrete surfaces or decorative stone blocks, creating smoothness and increasing the aesthetics of the surface.

Care Vietnam - a reputable supplier of industrial hygiene equipment

Pioneering in the field of providing industrial hygiene equipment, Care Vietnam confidently brings to customers a system of modern equipment imported directly from advanced countries. Ensures optimal cleaning performance and ease of use.

In addition, Care Vietnam also develops a warranty policy, supports exchange and returns for customers when technical errors caused by the manufacturer appear. Along with the 24/7 customer care system, always ready to support, advise and guide customers throughout the use process.


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