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Green Area Maintenance 

Urban vegetation maintenance plays an important role in making sure the urban vegetation can fulfill their functions. 

What is urban vegetation? 

Urban vegetation is the total assemblage of plants within and on the perimeter of cities and towns ( streets, parks, private or public gardens, protection forests…). They are established and managed for a variety of reasons, and exhibit economic, social, aesthetic and ecological value.

The importance of urban vegetation

Green space makes a great contribution in the protection of biodiversity and has a positive influence on the well-being of individuals. 

Ecological value 

  • Increase in urban aesthetic. 

  • Decrease in air, noise pollution in high-density residential zones.

  • Collecting and filtering water, developing potential groundwater sources which also help to reduce the pressure of the sewer system. 

  • Improving the air quality, creating shade and softening the impact of solar radiation. 

  • Energy-saving thanks to the reduction in using fans and air conditioners. 

  • Protecting and balancing urban biodiversity. Besides, provides shelters, food sources for several animals in the area. 


Green area maintenance improves the quality of environment

Green area maintenance improves the quality of the environment


Social value  

  • Improving the well-being of individuals, increasing life expectancy, reducing the risks of respiratory, heart diseases and psychological disorders.

  • Associating with close friends and other users to develop new friends. 

Urban vegetation maintenance contributes in optimizing urban green’s functions and benefiting the natural environment and the community in the city. 

Urban vegetation classification

Based on functions, appearance, and growth conditions, urban vegetation are divided into: 

Ground covers 

Ground cover plants are divided into 2 groups: flowering ground cover and non-flowering ground cover. With an average height of 7 - 12cm, these 2 groups are both used as decorative ground covers, effective methods to prevent erosion, retain soil moisture, and filter pollutants. They are usually grown at parks, in building surroundings and on road dividers… 


Ground cover

Ground covers have the ability to clean the air 

Ornamental plants 

Some popular decorative plants grown in cities are hedges, border plants, shrubs, aquatic plants… Commonly, with the heights of under 3.5m and small trunks, ornamental plants are grown at offices, houses, buildings, along the streets for the display of aesthetic features including colorful flowers or leaves, pleasant scents, unique forms… Their main roles are to raise the city aesthetic and function as borders and hedges…


Colorful ornamental plants increase the aethetics of the city

Colorful ornamental plants increase the aesthetics of the city 


Shade trees 

Shade trees are an integral part of urban vegetation maintenance service because they have the largest part in the total area of urban vegetation. 
Shade trees are divided into three groups based on their sizes including small size, medium-size and large size. Shade trees have larger trunks than ground cover plants and ornamental trees, the height of mature trees usually ranges from 5 - 50m. The tree has broad, shady leaves, with or without flowers. They are suitable for planting in areas with large spaces such as parks, gardens, along neighborhoods... Its main functions are shading, limiting pollution, solar radiation and improving urban landscape.

Care Viet Nam - Urban vegetation maintenance 

Urban vegetation maintenance services at Care Viet Nam are designed based on types of plants to meet the criteria for the ability to grow and adapt of plants, and the urban aesthetics. 

Ground cover maintenance

  • Water.

  •  Periodically prune with a mower, making sure the ground covers are always flat.

  • Weed: remove exotic weeds, ensuring that the original vegetation is always maintained well. 

  • Replace: it is possible for some covers to die due to pests, weather, ect. So it must be replanted to recover the area. 

  • Fertilize the ground covers, spreading it evenly.

  • Clean up after completing the process. 


Maintenance of ground covers at Care Vietnam 


Ornamental plant maintenance 

  • Water .

  • Get rid of weeds, remove dead trees, prune flowering plants 

  • Replant in case the plants are ill and can not recover. 

  • Inspect the pest status and spray insecticide. Depending on types of pests and disease conditions to use appropriate type and dose of insecticides.  

  • Fertilize periodically.


Care Vietnam provides green area maintenance services

Care Vietnam provides green area maintenance services


Shade tree maintenance 

  • Water the trees 

  • Periodically fertilize 

  • Prune branches that might affect electric power systems, roads or potentially cause dangers in the rain or storm season.

  •  Use specialized scissors or saws to fix the tree forms

  • Support kits are needed for young trees to prevent falling in the rain or storm season. 

  • Weed and clean up the tree bottoms.


prune and adjust dangerous branches

Prune and adjust dangerous branches 


With experienced, skilled and knowledgeable professionals, Care Viet Nam is confident to deliver an urban vegetation maintenance service designed to suit each feature and growth condition of plants to Customers. Our goal is to provide the best environment for urban plants to develop. Besides, Care Viet Nam also provides other services with appropriate cost and optimal results: Landscaping design and construction, greenery leasing - selling, pest control… 


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