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The epidemic situation is currently very complicated, the number of community infections is increasing. In particular, the apartment where many households gather in the same place with many shared spaces, so the risk of COVID-19 infection is very high. Regular cleaning and disinfection of common contact surfaces in the apartment building has been recommended by the Ministry of Health as an important and necessary job to prevent disease transmission in this area.

Residents living in apartments must use shared facilities such as lobby, stairs and elevators, parking... Cleaning work, especially in shared areas and public equipment will reduce pathogens on surfaces and reduce the risk of surface contamination. In most cases, cleaning will remove most surface virus particles. Being in a regularly cleaned environment will definitely limit infection, because bacteria or viruses have no place to grow, thereby reducing the risk of infection from air droplets or touching surfaces by hands. 

Understand the importance of cleaning and disinfecting in the apartment complex to fight against the pandemic, at the third quarter of 2021, The Park apartment manager has trusted in choosing our daily cleaning service during the current epidemic time to enhance health protection for residents. In addition to thorough training for employees on epidemic prevention knowledge "5k message" (employees always wear masks during work, ect.) and hygiene skills and prevention work, We also use a specialized cleaning chemical Diversey with bactericidal function belonging to the number 1 brand in the US to clean public equipment. Care Vietnam's staff at all projects in charge are aware that at this time each individual is a soldier on the epidemic war, especially when hygiene plays a key role in the prevention of COVID-19 infection.

The lobby's floor is cleaned with a floor polisher and specialized chemicals


Ventilation throats are carefully cleaned to prevent the growth environment of viruses


Sensitive areas such as elevator spaces, handrails, buttons are always noticed to be cleaned regularly

Public trash cans are easy places for pathogens to grow, so cleaning and disinfecting is extremely important to prevent infection.


More than just profit, more than anything, Care Vietnam wishes to devote our financial  and human resources to contribute to repelling the COVID-19 pandemic. All Care Vietnam believes that our responsibility is to protect and bring safety to the community now, in the future and ever.


- Khanh Ngan -

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