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Care Vietnam which is a member of Taisei Group (Japan), headquartered in Tokyo and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Care Vietnam is the top company in the field of Industrial Cleaning, Landscaping, Pest Control and Business of Chemicals, Industrial Cleaning Equipment in Vietnam.

We are always the first choice of customers in Vietnam. Along with business development, our mission is to create more job opportunities for people as well as promote community activities. Vietnam is a strongly developing country with a vast number of office buildings, commercial centers, banks, hospitals, schools, factories, etc under construction. That is why the need to manage and maintain those assets is essential to create a clean, beautiful and clean living and working environment to enhance the value of life.

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As a leading enterprise in the field of providing complete solutions for industrial hygiene, personnel supply... We provide services to more than 1,200 customers and have a network across 63 provinces, accounting for 70% of the market. section for the related service industry in Vietnam.

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With the desire to bring customers comprehensive, package solutions, Care Vietnam not only provides industrial cleaning services, insect control, tree care, We also provide services ancillary services to optimize costs and bring the most convenience to customers.

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Landscape and plant are green areas of many building, which distribute the big role to beautiful urban scenery and positive vitality of residents.

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By the experience and standard process from parent company Taisei, we opened the pest control service in Vietnam with the desire to distribute the healthy city living space.

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Care Vietnam - Happy Women’s Day

Care Vietnam sends wishes to half of the world with good luck and great joy. Wishing women forever beautiful flowers, fresh, radiant and forever happy in life.

Controlling Cockroaches For Business

The presence of cockroaches in the workplace is considered a business risk. Not only does it pollute the environment and cause property damage, but it also has a direct impact on the brand, particularly in service businesses like restaurants and hotels. Therefore, the prevention and control of cockroaches are one of the optimal solutions chosen by many businesses.

Nationwide Meeting Of The Taisei Group In 2022

Taisei Group hosted a "National Meeting" party on April 28, 2022, with many guests, the Board of Directors, and all Group employees in attendance. This is an opportunity to meet and connect with members from across the country, share challenges and successes, and work together to move the boat named "Taisei" forward.

Care Vietnam - Professional Post-Construction Cleaning Service Provider

The purpose of post-construction cleaning is to ensure the building quality and the safety criteria for the users before handing over the construction.

Effective Pest Control Solutions For Hotels

Pest control for hotels is one of the most important aspects for managers in the hospitality industry, because it boosts the service quality and the sustainable development of the business.

Green Area Maintenance 

Urban vegetation maintenance plays an important role in making sure the urban vegetation can fulfill their functions. 

Recruitment of Chief Executive Officer

Care VN announces recruitment for the position of Chief Executive Officer

Solutions To Recovery - Cleaning Terracotta Floor Tiles

The tiles frequently experience problems such as cement stickiness, blurring, many scratches, mouldy and mossgrown... as a result of the construction process or over time of use. To restore the inherent ancient beauty of the terracotta tiles, restoration - cleaning is required. Choosing prestigious and experienced units will help customers save money and time while also ensuring quality maintenance.

Care Vietnam-Waterproofing Solution Of The Building Façade Glass

Glass materials are increasingly being utilised in projects by investors due to their numerous advantages. However, after a long period of usage and exposure to the elements, the quality of the glass gasket will deteriorate, inflicting several detrimental effects on the structure. As a result, the investor will require solutions for waterproofing the façade glass as well as cleaning the glass surface.

In-Office Greenery Care Service

Greeneries have a critical role in enterprises as one of the spiritual remedies for employees, resulting in increased productivity. Businesses, on the other hand, want a professional office greenery care solution from reputed units for the greenery to adapt and flourish healthily.
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