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A Year-end Cleaning - The Ultimate Solution


Tet is imminent. In addition to preparing utensils and food, We must clean the house to create comfortable and non-bacterial atmospheres. To help Customers save time and cost, Care Vietnam provides a year-end cleaning, creating a good space ready for Tet.

The meaning of it

A year-end cleaning at the end of the year is the desire to welcome a peaceful and prosperous, removing the unfortunate things. In addition, it makes more confidence for a homeowner when the guests visit the house and demonstrate respect for them.


A year-end cleaning brings the good meaning

What is a year-end cleaning?

A year-end cleaning is a cleaning that is implemented daily or periodically throughout the week or month to create a cool and safe space for family members.


A year-end cleaning of Care Viet Nam

Along with the development of society, a year-end cleaning is more and more popular and is chosen by Customers, especially during Tet, includes:

Living room cleaning

The living room is an important place for members to relax and enjoy, as well as a place where guests are welcomed. Therefore, living room cleaning must adhere to a specific procedure to ensure the effectiveness and safety of Customers. Ceilings, curtains, and other high surfaces must be cleaned before the rest of the room. The subsequent steps include mirrors, cabinets, and sofas, followed by carpets, floors, etc.


The living room is the first place in the cleaning process

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. Therefore, it needs to be carefully cleaned to ensure the food's safety and the health of its members with specialized equipment and chemicals of clear origin.

Bathroom cleaning

The bathroom needs to be cleaned regularly with special chemicals to eliminate the growth of bacteria, ensuring the health of users. This includes cleaning mirrors, bathtubs, showers, etc.

Garden cleaning

It is a position that is rarely noticed in the year-end cleaning, but the garden needs meticulous care by the experts. It is not only about clearing grass, and pruning branches but also shaping and providing all the necessary nutrients for green plants. This will bring a complete space to your garden, creating a more comfortable and pleasant feeling.


Garden cleaning

Why do We need to choose the daily cleaning services of Care Vietnam?

With the motto "We care for you," We always recognize that daily cleaning is essential and must be done carefully, especially at the end of the year when everyone is busy with many things. 

At Care Vietnam, We always focus on and put the satisfaction of our Customers first, committed to bringing Customers the best experience through the quality of our staff and modern equipment. Modern, safe chemicals – environmentally friendly, etc.

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Care Vietnam recognizes that human resources are critical to the success of any organization. We consistently strive to establish a team of experienced employees and routinely organize training classes on how to use equipment and chemicals and additional knowledge and soft skills to serve our Customers better.

Modern equipment 

As a leading unit in industrial cleaning, all of Care Vietnam's equipment are imported from advanced countries to ensure quality and productivity. 


Care Vietnam is always equipped with modern equipment to ensure optimal cleaning efficiency.

Specialized chemicals 

Since Care Vietnam was established, We have focused on Customers' health and sustainability. So, We have constantly been looking for reputable companies, such as Ecolab, Diversey, Goodmaid Pro, etc. All chemical products are tested to prevent residuals on surfaces and ensure safety and effectiveness. 


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