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Care Viet Nam provides comprehensively full-packaged cleaning solutions to The Standard Binh Duong

With the motto “We care for you” and many years of experience in the field of industrial cleaning and greenery care, Care Viet Nam is proud to be a comprehensive cleaning solution provider to The Standard Binh Duong. We cooperate with the investor to create an elite - 5 star resort lifestyle. 

Care Viet Nam - The leading industrial cleaning solutions provider in Southeast Asia

Along with the companionship of other reputable partners, Care Viet Nam is proud to be selected as a provider of comprehensive and full-packaged cleaning solutions for The Standard Binh Duong.

If the lobby, buildings, and utility areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected, it will help to bring a healthy and civilized living space to residents living in The Standard Binh Duong.


Owning a team of dedicated, skilled, and experienced staff


  • Owning a team of dedicated, skilled, and experienced staff. Besides planning and organizing professional training sessions, Care Vietnam also builds a working culture with the criterion "We care for you" through the art of customer care “Omotenashi” - Japan. Be careful, and meticulous in every action to bring the best experience to customers.
  • Modern machinery and equipment are invested and imported directly from Europe, to optimize hygiene efficiency as well as service quality and bring fresh living space to customers.
  • The chemical solution used in the cleaning process is also carefully selected and cared for by Care Viet Nam. We are committed to using high-quality chemicals which are safe, non-irritating, and not harmful to the environment.
  • The cleaning process at Care Viet Nam is designed and built professionally and flexibly to suit the needs of customers. Each process is carried out under the supervision of the Management Board and the Investor, ensuring that the service is performed following the wishes and agreement of the Customer.


Modern machinery and equipment are invested and imported directly from Europe


In addition, at The Standard Binh Duong, we also provide landscape maintenance - care services performed by professionals of Care Vietnam. The campus, the Japanese landscape garden, and the art garden… are always carefully cared for, to maintain and develop the green area of the project. We understand that the green area is one of the factors contributing to the improvement and enhancement of the living space for residents at The Standard Binh Duong.

The Standard Binh Duong - The style of a 5-star resort

The Standard Binh Duong is invested and developed by An Gia Real Estate Group - a prestigious real estate brand with many high-class apartments and “landlocked” projects in Vietnam such as The Garden - Tan Phu, The Song - Vung Tau, An Gia Riverside... The projects that An Gia is an investor in always possess outstanding advantages such as geographical location, distinct design style, and high-class internal facilities.

The Standard Binh Duong is located at Tan Phuoc Khanh 10, Tan Uyen, Binh Duong, a prime position in the "industrial capital" of Vietnam. This is the connection center of 4 big cities Bien Hoa - Di An - Thuan An - Binh Duong.


The Standard Binh Duong


With a scale of 9.6 hectares, The Standard Binh Duong provides the real estate market with 374 townhouses and shophouses and a chain of utilities with an investment of more than 5 million USD. With modern split-level architecture combined with closed compound design, all create a separate living space, bring brand value to the owner, and raise the value of ownership for residents living here.

The interior of The Standard Binh Duong is designed in the style of a 5-star resort with a central park of 4,000 m2, a lake, and an art garden. The BBQ area is designed adjacent to the garden and the scenic terrace. It is one of the ideal destinations for residents and friends to gather.


The interior of The Standard Binh Duong is designed in the style of a 5-star resort


Besides, more than 5 million USD are invested in the Clubhouse chain. With a design of two separate floors - the first floor is a complex amusement park with many indoor entertainment activities. The second floor is a physical activity area such as a sauna, yoga, and gym combined with a golden position with a panoramic view of the green park of The Standard Binh Duong.

Through the cooperation, Care Vietnam hopes to bring a green - clean - fresh - classy living space not only with The Standard Binh Duong but also with all the projects that Care Vietnam has been having the opportunity to cooperate with.


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