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Care Vietnam - Professional Post-Construction Cleaning Service Provider

The purpose of post-construction cleaning is to ensure the building quality and the safety criteria for the users before handing over the construction.  

What is post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning is the process of picking up and removing building materials, debris and dirt after renovating or constructing high-rise office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, etc. 

The importance of the post-construction cleaning 

Waste removal

A huge amount of waste needed to remove after construction 
A huge amount of waste needed to remove after construction

After the process of renovation or construction, no matter how big a project is, the amount of waste, debris and excess building materials are huge and hard to handle. So, we have to collect, classify and discharge them with specialized tools, machines provided by authorized firms such as Care Vietnam. These services help to ensure the construction’s perfection and users' safety. 

Toxic chemical removal 

During the process of renovating and constructing, toxic chemicals contained in renewable materials and construction adhesives (such as formaldehyde), or other volatile organic substances (VOCs) might lead to or worsen health problems relating to respiratory and dermatology. Therefore, they have to be removed immediately and completely. However, building contractors probably do not have enough tools and other equipment to thoroughly handle these issues. As a result, the post-construction cleaning services help to provide ideal solutions for both cleaning and users’ safety.  

Formaldehyde contained in materials, construction adhesives negatively affects human health

Formaldehyde contained in materials, construction adhesives negatively affects human health

Interior cleaning

After construction or renovation, most buildings left an enormous amount of debris, scuff marks, adhesives…  It is very difficult to remove them completely if specialized tools and machines are not equipped. Besides, cleaning staff needs to make sure the piping system is cleaned and does not contain any dangerous debris inside.

Exterior cleaning

Glass facade cleaning included in post-construction service
Glass facade cleaning included in post-construction service

For high-rise buildings, hotels or other works with a large facade glass area, the cleaning process requires specialized cleaning equipment such as ladders, swings, and a team of dedicated cleaning staff. Well-trained staff, with many years of professional experience, helps the glass surface to be completely cleaned as well as ensure labor safety.

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Post-construction cleaning steps

Step 1: Preparation 

  • Receive information and requests of the Investor. 
  • Inspect project, construction to suggest appropriate solutions 
  • Prepare cleaning tools such as scrubbers and other equipment based on agreed construction requirements.

Step 2: Construction cleaning 

The process of post-construction cleaning is often divided into 2 phases including raw cleaning and fine cleaning. These steps must be taken from the top to the bottom, inside to outside in order to make sure that every corner is cleaned completely. 

Rough cleaning 

Rough cleaning is very important in the process of post-construction cleaning. In this step, after construction workers have completely withdrawn from the site, the remaining materials and waste will be collected and brought to the specified gathering point. This step will be performed in order from top to bottom, inside out. Another effect of rough cleaning for the building is to help avoid clogging the drainage system when it is put into use.

Fine cleaning 

This pivotal step must be completed by skilled and experienced staff with specialized machines and equipment.  

  • Clean the ceiling: sweeping dust, cleaning items installed on the ceiling such as lights, light troughs, etc.

  • Clean and sweep walls 

  • Clean air conditioner, wall fan, ceiling fan,  exhaust fan, electrical switches, sockets

  • Clean doors, windows… 

  • Clean the bathroom, kitchen, toilet.

  • Clean the floor: sweeping dust, removing paint, cement… 

  • Vacuum, scrub, clean, polish marble, granite, wood floors... by specialized machines 

  • Inspect electrical and plumbing systems

  • Clean stair: clean, scrub steps, wipe handrails

  • Elevators: wipe the elevator walls, remote controls, clean the inside and outside of the doors, ceilings, elevator floors.

  • Use cleaning chemicals and tools to clean dust and stains such as cement, paint on glass surfaces and aluminum frames.

  • Clean the large glass outside the building with a system of ladders and swings.

Polish the floor after construction

Polish the floor after construction

Step 3: Handing over the construction 

After completing the cleaning process, the service provider will conduct inspection, review and hand over the work to the investor.

Inheriting 63 years of experience from Taisei Corporation - Japan, Care Vietnam has abundant human resources who earned many years of experience in the field of industrial cleaning. We are confident to bring post-construction cleaning services with top quality, ensuring to meet the criteria and requirements of the Contractor/Investor.

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