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Elegant And Easy-To-Grow Outdoor Plants


Using beautiful plants to decorate outdoor spaces has become very popular. Currently, many types of plants with different shapes, colors and meanings have been provided to meet the demands of customers.

The importance of outdoor plants 

  • Decorate, landscape and upgrade living space. Taking advantage of trees with unique shapes, colors and diverse growth characteristics, many buildings are covered with trees, creating impressive highlights and distinctive features.
  • Helps purify fresh air to improve people's health, mood, increase concentration and work productivity. In particular, some outdoor plants such as cloves and rosemary can reduce asthma and allergies thanks to their ability to increase humidity in the air.
  • For those interested in feng shui, each plant brings different meanings and influences in all aspects of life from health, fortune, career to relationships. Accordingly, if you know how to choose the right one, it will offer you luck, health, prosperity.


Outdoor plants purify air, improve people’s health and increase work productivity

Elegant and Easy-to-grow outdoor plants

Beautiful outdoor plants selected for planting in locations such as gardens, main gates, parks... often have the main characteristics such as the ability to adapt to hot and rainy weather conditions; have strong roots, good water absorption and retention capacity. It must have a beautiful shape that is easy to adjust, unique and attractive colors.

Here are some popular outdoor plants


Bonsai is often seen as a unique work of art, created by the hands of talented artisans who have a deep understanding of this tree. Bonsai looks like old, miniature trees planted in pots and trays. To create unique and sophisticated shapes that express distinct meanings and personalities, artisans must have to be extremely skillful and talented. According to feng shui, the image of a bonsai reaching out with solid shape symbolizes perseverance and a steadfast spirit, towards a brilliant victory.


Bonsai symbolizes perseverance and steadfast spirit

Indian putat 

It’s one of the beautiful and precious outdoor plants, belonging to the genus Barringtonia. The tree has a good-looking appearance with a strong and woody body, lanceolate leaves, white or red flowers, growing in chains. With the characteristics of being easy to grow and drought tolerance, Indian putat is often grown outdoors to create shade and increase aesthetics. Besides, the tree is also a symbol of fortune, prosperity and affluence.


Indian putat symbolizes prosperity and affluence 

Arhat pine tree

Arhat pine tree is a woody plant with a lifespan of up to several hundred years. The tree can grow up to 20m tall and up to 30cm in diameter. This is a plant chosen as an outdoor plant for decoration thanks to its good meaning such as luck, prosperity because the tree often has a durable vitality, withstands external impacts such as harsh weather. Besides, the tree is always green, radiating shade symbolizing constant growth, overcoming all adversity. 


Arhat pine tree represents constant growth, overcoming adversity

Traveller’s tree

Traveller’s tree is native to Africa and grown in the Madagascar peninsula. The tree is woody, palm-shaped, cylindrical. Its height can sometimes be up to 10m. The foliage system is the highlight, creating the uniqueness of this tree. Leaves can be from 2.5 - 4m long and grow in a flat plane, not spreading, making the tree look like a giant green fan. Traveller’s trees are often planted in the garden, where there is a large and airy space. It has the ability to purify the air. In addition, the tree also means luck, as a fan attracts fortune, helps to prevent bad things from entering the house.


Traveller’s tree means luck and fortune 


As a fairly common outdoor plant in Vietnam, bougainvillea, although simple, still has a distinct charm. The tree is woody, can climb and elongate at a fairly fast rate. The tree is easy to grow and molded into many styles such as arched or stretched. One of the reasons that bougainvillea is chosen as an outdoor bonsai is its adaptability and tolerance to harsh weather. The luxuriant flowers and leaves help this plant to symbolize fullness, protection and complete happiness. The bright colors of Bougainvillea represent good luck, prosperity. In addition, the plant also has the effect of warding off and preventing bad omens.


Bougainvillea represents good luck and prosperity


Frangipani is commonly grown at places such as buildings, offices, and public areas. This is a tree with good drought tolerance, branches are not too thick, so it creates a fresh feeling. Therefore, the plant can live in shallow or even gravelly soil. Frangipani is a perennial plant, some trees even have a lifespan of up to a hundred years. Trees are often planted outdoors to help create a new, aesthetic feeling and purify the air. In addition, the tree is also meant to bring fortune, peace and happiness.


Frangipani symbolizes fortune, peace and happiness

Crown of thorns

Crown of Thorns flower is native to the kingdom of Madagascar. This type of plant is a highly adaptable plant that can live in many different climates. The tree has a variety of body colors from green, red-brown to purple-brown. The flowers of this cactus have quite diverse colors such as pink, blue, red, white, purple or yellow. In terms of meaning, the eight fairy cactus is often considered a plant that brings luck and happiness. Besides, the tree also brings good luck, prevents bad omens.


Crown of thorns means happiness and bad omens prevention

Ficus elastica 

Ficus elastica is native to the Northeast, India and stretches to southern Indonesia, with the ability to grow and develop in places with harsh climatic conditions thanks to its large roots, and many surrounding subsidiary roots. The flowers of Ficus elastica often grow in clusters and are orange, turning black when old. In feng shui, the banyan tree symbolizes luck and fullness. In addition, the tree is also a symbol of will, effort, perseverance and longevity.


Ficus elastica means luck and fullness

Cycas revoluta

Cycas revoluta is native to the southern part of Japan. The tree has good drought tolerance, so it is often chosen as one of the beautiful outdoor plants. The trunk is usually cylindrical, rough, with a height of 2 - 4m. The tree has a majestic standing with strong vitality, symbolizing perseverance to reach success. In addition, it also has the meaning of longevity and eternity. 


Cycas revoluta symbolizes longevity and eternity

Care Vietnam - a leader in the field of providing and caring for greenery in Vietnam

As a pioneer in the field of providing and taking care of greenery, Care Vietnam with the motto "We care for you" and the desire to bring Customers elegant and beautiful outdoor plants that not only meet the aesthetics but also are diverse and suitable to the climate of Vietnam.

All trees at Care Vietnam are carefully selected and cared for by a skillful team. Besides, We always look for and update a variety of unique plants, ensuring to meet the needs and criteria set by Customers.


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