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Harmful Pest Control Methods


The appearance and constant development of harmful insects are always dangerous for human life. Therefore, it is always necessary to have effective preventive measures to protect the living and working environment, minimizing the risk of disease spread.

Common pests and prevention methods


It is an insect that lives and thrives in stagnant, damp, swampy areas or ponds. The suitable temperature for mosquito growth is about 20-25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, mosquitoes often appear in the summer, when there is a lot of rain. A number of mosquito-borne diseases that directly affect human life are dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, etc.


Mosquito-borne diseases are dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, etc.

Mosquito prevention measures are extremely important, helping to minimize the risk of direct contact between people and mosquitoes. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and improve living space, avoiding standing water for a long time in the gutters, brass, pots and regularly changing the water in the pool area... Besides, it is possible to use popular methods such as diffusing essential oils made from lemongrass, lemon, and mint to effectively repel mosquitoes. Another way is to apply mosquito repellent chemicals directly to the skin, spray residue on the walls.


Cockroaches are one of the common insects and are always a nuisance for businesses operating in service areas such as restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, etc. They often live in swarms, during the daytime and feed in damp areas such as toilets, walls, under cabinets, drains, trash cans, etc at night. 

Although cockroaches are not the direct causative agent of the disease, they are the mediators of disease transmission and spread of pathogens such as diarrhea, cholera, plague, typhoid, poliovirus, etc. In addition, cockroaches also cause irritation, itching, inflammation of the skin and eyelids, respiratory disorders due to intestinal worm eggs. Not only that, cockroaches also have the ability to gnaw and damage items such as clothes, fabrics, books, etc.


Cockroaches spread diseases affecting human life

Preventing and eliminating cockroaches from living and working environments is extremely important. To limit the impact of cockroaches on health, it is necessary to clean and store food carefully and carefully. At the same time, regularly clean and arrange items in the house to avoid wear and tear due to the destruction of cockroaches.

When detecting cockroaches, you can set traps or spray cockroach spray to destroy and prevent the risk of cockroaches from multiplying and proliferating. In addition, pay attention to repairing holes, cracks in the wall, wardrobe to eliminate the hiding place of cockroaches.


Similar to cockroaches, flies have an extremely fast reproduction rate, especially when facing favorable weather conditions and food sources. They are attracted to all types of food from humans, pets, livestock to food waste.

Flies are classified into many different types such as green flies, house flies, fruit flies, then gray, buffalo flies with different characteristics and living habits… However, potential risks from these species to human health are all very serious. They can cause diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and helminthic and fungal diseases.

Flies have an extremely fast reproduction rate

From the dangers and nuisances that flies can cause to humans, it is essential to be proactive in preventing and eliminating flies from living and working spaces. One of the methods that can be applied to prevent flies as well as other insects is to clean daily and protect food well. In addition, it is necessary to classify and clean up food waste regularly to avoid creating the environment to attract flies to reside and spread diseases. If necessary, close doors and use traps or insect screens to keep flies out.


Although ants are insects that bring many benefits to the natural environment, in some cases, such as when entering human living space, ants bring many nuisances.

Ants are divided into many different species such as fire ants, black ants, sugar ants, carpenter ants... With extremely high social behavior, ants are likened to a miniature society of humanity with full ranks, the ability to "raise" insects, and grow mushrooms to create their own food source. Ants appear everywhere with strong vitality and growth rate.

Because they feed everywhere, the risk of transmitting pathogens from ants is great. Ants can cause intestinal diseases such as poisoning, dysentery, digestive disorders. In addition, the wounds caused by ants can also cause significant damage such as dermatitis, swelling, infection ... especially in young children or people with sensitive skin.

 The risk of transmitting pathogens from ants is great

To prevent ants from nesting and harming food sources as well as the surrounding environment, we need to prepare appropriate preventive measures such as keeping the space clean, not letting food spill on the floor, carpet cover, sofa, bed, mattress. In addition, an insect repellent lamp can be used to effectively prevent ants in the bedroom or living room.

Pest control solutions at Care Vietnam

Depending on the condition as well as the extent of the insect, Care Vietnam develops a separate and reasonable control method. For small scale, the situation of insect intrusion is not too serious, simple and quick measures such as essential oil inhalation, cleaning, and cleaning are the most reasonable solutions. However, for places with large areas, the condition of the work is out of control such as shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, etc., using services from reputable units is an option that should be prioritized. 

Extermination of insects by physical methods

  • Apply insect catching lights to attract or repel them.
  • Use traps to catch insects such as cockroaches, flies, etc.
  • Clean the living area regularly to limit the growth of harmful insects.


Insect catching lights are applied to control insects effectively 

Electronic pest control

It is one of the methods that do not use chemicals to control insects. Using electromagnetic and ultrasonic sound to prevent the entry of harmful insects.

Heat treatment for insect control

Heat is effective against insects such as ants, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. The heat capture technology will conduct heating of the area. It takes about two hours or so to fully heat the specific area and the temperature is maintained at 50 and 60 degrees Celsius to dehydrate and kill all life cycles of insects and bugs from eggs and larvae to maturity.

Chemical insect treatment

Spraying insecticidal mist: the method is often applied in interior spaces such as warehouses, stalls inside supermarkets or offices...

Spraying hot haze to treat insects: the method is usually applied mainly in outside areas such as supermarket premises, garage basements, corridors, etc. to help kill insects immediately.

Spray chemical insecticides in interior spaces

With the development orientation to build a sustainable service system, Care Vietnam has always been a leading unit in the field of providing solutions to prevent and destroy insects. We always focus on investing in systems and equipment with high capacity and outstanding features to help control insects effectively. In addition, chemical solutions are also carefully selected and used with appropriate doses to help ensure safety for the health of customers, and at the same time, minimize the impact on the natural environment.


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