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Movie Theater Cleaning And Things Need To Be Considered

To bring a great experience to customers, the sanitary conditions in the theater must be clean. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees.

Why do we need to clean the movie theater?

We need to keep up with the cinema's cleanliness because of these reasons:

Ensure the environment clean

Although the theater is small, it is full of visitors every day. So, the movie theater is easily polluted by the smell of food and drink that customers bring into it.


 Every day, there is a large number of audiences who go to cinemas.

Ensure safety 

From time to time, chairs and carpets in cinemas get dirt from sweat; food spilled on seats, soft drinks, and dirt cause many pathogens and bacteria that affect customers' health.

Enhance the durability of items and equipment

Regularly maintaining the theaters helps lengthen the life of the furniture and equipment for damage detection and provides a prompt line of treatment.

Movie theater cleaning and things need to be considered

Cleaning cinemas must be done by reputable, professional units with an organizational implementation to ensure quality and business process. 

Clean chairs

Cinema chairs are often made of fabric or leather; we need to clean carefully to avoid causing damage and deformation of the surfaces. Use cleaning machines and specialized cleaning chemicals to remove the stains. Moreover, clean the armrests and the underside of the chairs thoroughly to remove dirt. 


Cinema chairs are hiding places for many types of bacteria and dirt

Clean carpets

Cleaning carpets with specialized detergents and machines such as vacuum cleaners, steam machines... Clean carpets can help repel insects such as mice, ants, and cockroaches and remove stains that unsightly carpet surfaces. 


The carpet surfaces in the theater very easy to get dirty

Purify air 

Air purifiers create a fresh space, bringing a pleasant feeling to the audience when watching movies. Purifying air helps eliminate harmful bacteria and improves quality significantly.


Purifying air helps to bring a comfortable atmosphere to audiences.

Care Vietnam is proud of its extensive experience in professional industrial cleaning services, especially comprehensive cinema cleaning solutions. With a team of well-qualified staff and an advanced cleaning machinery system, we bring to our Customers effective and economical solutions. Moreover, Care Vietnam always uses chemical products from reputable manufacturers to ensure safety and no residue on the surface. With the motto "We care for you," Care Vietnam is always ready to bring Customers comprehensive and optimal industrial hygiene solutions.


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