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Pest Control For Supermarkets

Food safety and brand reputation are crucial aspects for supermarkets. Raw and fresh food sources and warehouses are places where harmful pests can thrive terribly. As a result, Care Viet Nam has designed and built a pest control strategy for supermarkets to ensure food safety and not affect the products. 

What is pest control for supermarkets?  

Pest control for supermarkets is to inspect, prevent and get rid of pests thriving so that goods, foods, and people can avoid the devastation and the risk of getting an infection. 


Pests that affects food hygiene and safety in supermarkets

The importance of pest control for supermarkets 

  • Harmful pests can cause infectious diseases. 

  • The service quality and the operation of the whole system are affected by the attack of irritated pests. 

  • Food safety and human wellness are affected severely. 

  • Unpleasant odor from rats and cockroaches around the common areas leads to a decrease in brand reputations. 


Pests on food affect the brand reputation

Common destructive pests in supermarkets


Common destructive pests in supermarkets

  • Termites: destroy wooden objects, food, items with packaging, or materials such as paper (books, notebooks, boxes, etc.)

  • Mosquitoes: appear in dark areas such as under cabinets, shelves, or racks of clothes. Mosquitoes cause malaria, dengue fever, and other dangerous infectious diseases.

  • Flies: appear a lot in fresh food areas such as butchers and fish stalls. They are potentially annoying and carry a risk of dangerous intestinal diseases.

  • Ants: appear in almost every corner, especially in the sale and food processing. They can harm the quality of goods, and attack people significantly.

  • Cockroaches: appear mainly in dark, wet areas such as drains, under cabinets, shelves, warehouses... They release unpleasant odors from open lymph nodes on the body, contaminating food, and causing fungal and infectious diseases.

  • Rats: appear in areas of warehouses, parking lots, food handling areas, food processing... They are at great risk of destroying food, and clothing, leading to the transmission of many dangerous diseases, including plague.

Pest control strategies for supermarkets at Care Viet Nam 

Physical pest control 

  • Apply insect-catching light to attract or repel them.

  • Use different types of traps to catch pets and rats.

  • Clean frequently to prevent the development of pests in the supermarkets.


Light trap - safe and effective pests control solution. 


Electronic pest control 

It is one of the methods that do not use chemicals to control insects. Electromagnetic and ultrasonic sounds are implemented to effectively prevent harmful insects.

Heat treatment for pest control

Heat is effective to fight against pests such as aphids, cockroaches, and wood beetles. The endothermic technology heats the area. It takes about two hours or so to fully heat the specific area and the temperature is maintained at 50 and 60 degrees Celsius to dehydrate and kill all life cycles of insects and bugs from eggs and larvae to maturity.

Chemical pest control 


Pest control services at Care Vietnam

  • Spraying insecticidal mist: the method is often applied to inside spaces such as warehouses, stalls supermarkets, offices, etc., to kill pests like flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches…

  • Spraying hot haze: the method is usually applied mainly in outside areas such as supermarket premises, garage basements, etc., to kill pests immediately.


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