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Simple And Efficient Method For Cleaning Office Chairs

Chairs are one of the essential items in the office. There are many types of chairs with a variety of models and different colors. However, the cleaning method for office chairs must be selected based on the material and design to ensure the safety of the users and longevity. 

Why should office chairs be cleaned regularly?

Chairs are an item that gets a lot of use. This is an ideal place for the growth of bacteria and mold because of the long-term accumulation of dirt, which directly affects the health of employees and reduces the aesthetics of the office. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned by the specialized method described below:

Skin irritation limitation

One of the consequences of chairs that are not regularly cleaned is skin irritation. During use, dust from the air or clothing accumulates and forms difficult-to-remove stains. This is an ideal environment for the growth of molds and bacteria that cause skin irritation and nasal allergies. Therefore, customers must clean the chairs to minimize the effects and provide the most comfort for the employees.


Chair cleaning ensures the health of employees and the working environment

Increase work efficiency

Office chair quality directly affects employee performance. Not only increase skin irritation but also uncomfortable atmosphere at work. Therefore, to maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable working space, it is necessary to perform regular chair cleaning, contributing to increased work efficiency.

Increase aesthetics

Regular cleaning of office chairs, like other office equipment, not only reduces the health risks to employees but also contributes to the office's aesthetic value. At the same time, this contributes to an increase in professionalism and a positive first impression for Customers, Partners, and prospective employees who visit the office.

Increase the longevity of the chair

Cleaning a chair also helps it last longer and can help you find damage and find ways to fix it or keep it in good shape. It helps to save costs and ensures safety for users.

Office chair cleaning process

Chair cleaning must be done in the following steps to be effective: 

Step 1: Vacuum dust and debris

Before chair cleaning, you need to element and remove the debris on the chair. Set to low program and start in each part of the chair.

Step 2: Read the user manual

Depending on the chair's material, there are different cleaning methods. To ensure the most effective cleaning without compromising the chair's quality, it is essential to carefully review the manufacturer's cleaning instructions, which may include:

  • W: Use water or water-based chemical products to clean the chair.

  • S: Use a solvent that does not contain water.

  • W/S: Use water-based chemical products or non-aqueous solvents.

  • X: Office chairs should only be cleaned by brushing or vacuuming.


Office chair cleaning characters to note

Step 3: Clean it

Using a vacuum cleaner or your hands (gloves are required), remove any debris, hair, or lint that may have accumulated on the legs or wheels of the chair during use. Spray a small amount of oil and lubricant on each wheel so that they operate more smoothly. After cleaning the chair legs, select the appropriate cleaning chemicals. Limit the use of unnecessary force when cleaning the seat cushion to prevent stains from becoming embedded within. Lastly, re-wipe the chair's entire surface with a soft cloth to ensure that it is completely clean and free of any chemical residue.


Cleaning office chair wheels is a position not to be missed

Cleaning method for each material

Depending on the material they are made of, office chairs can be cleaned in various ways. Here are some methods for cleaning common chairs.

Simile - leather

As one of the materials used to make office chairs, leather is the most popular today due to its opulent beauty, which conveys a sense of distinction, class, and power. However, cleaning office chairs made from simili or leather must adhere to a strict procedure for maximum effectiveness; this does not affect the chair's quality.

  • Step 1: Use a vacuum on the surface to remove dirt and dust. Note that a low-pressure mode is required to prevent the peeling of the seat leather during cleaning.

  • Step 2: Gently wipe the chair's surface with a clean, wet cloth made of 100 percent cotton. Utilizing cleaning chemicals according to the manufacturer's instructions can expedite and improve the cleaning of office chairs.

  • Step 3: Wipe the chair's entire surface with a second towel, removing all soap and chemicals before allowing it to dry naturally.


Cleaning office chair made from simili - leather

Felt and burlap

It is not too demanding on cleaning techniques; however, when cleaning office chairs made of felt fabric, it is necessary to use specialized methods so as not to affect product quality.

  • Step 1: Use a soft bristle brush to clean the surface of the chair.

  • Step 2: Create a mixture of office chair cleaning solution in the ratio of 1 part water, and 5 parts baking soda. Then use a soft-bristled brush to clean the surface of the chair. For stubborn stains, you can use baking soda to clean directly.

  • Step 3: Use an industrial dryer to dry the chair completely. Do not let the chair get wet because this can cause odors and affect the material as well as the life of the office chair.


Cleaning office chair made from felt and burlap

Mesh fabric

For a comfortable and pleasant working environment, mesh chairs are available in two distinct types: those with tempered mesh fabric and those with a thin foam mesh fabric, both of which are cleaned differently.

  • Using a soft-bristled iron brush, remove dirt and plaque from the surface of the chair in Step 1.

  • Step 2: Using a cleaning solution suitable for tempered mesh fabric, vigorously rub the chair's surface to eliminate odors and stains. For mesh fabric with a thin foam layer, use a vacuum cleaner to remove stains and plaque from the chair's surface.

  • Place the chair in a cool, dry location.


Cleaning office chair made from mesh fabric

Deodorize office chairs methods

If cleaning office chairs alone is insufficient, companies must also focus on creating fragrance and removing unpleasant odors from the chair after prolonged use. They not only help elevate the brand and make a favorable impression on customers but also foster a sense of comfort and ease and boost employee productivity.

Fragrance for room

It is a straightforward and straightforward method for deodorizing office chairs. Choose a fragrance that the business desires and spray it on the chair's surface. They not only deodorize quickly but also impart a pleasant scent to the user.

Flower wax

Flower wax, like room fragrance, is a "favorite" for deodorizing office chairs. However, care should be taken when using them because they can cause allergic conditions, especially for people who are allergic to pollen.

Deodorant solutions

For businesses, deodorant solutions are one of the most popular methods. Not only are they capable of deodorizing and disinfecting quickly, but they are also affordable.

In contrast to the methods of using room spray and flower wax, the deodorant spray is the most popular due to its ability to deodorize quickly and because it is inexpensive, safe, and non-irritating, even for those with a sensitive sense of smell.


Use deodorant solutions to deodorize the chair


  • Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals to clean office chairs, as they may damage the surface material, especially if the chair is made of leather, felt, etc.

  • Avoid exposing the chair to direct sunlight to protect other materials and details from deterioration.

  • Utilize a professional and reliable office chair cleaning service to save money and time while ensuring the chair is in good condition.

Care Vietnam - one of the leading units in the field of industrial cleaning

Care Vietnam, as one of the leading units in the field of industrial hygiene, strives to provide customers with comprehensive cleaning solutions, help them save money, and concentrate on business activities. core. We offer a variety of professional office cleaning services, including the thorough cleaning of glass facades, carpets, and office chairs.

The most important aspect of Care Vietnam's service quality is its personnel. They receive regular training, updates, and new information so that customers are always satisfied. A system of modern industrial hygiene equipment imported directly from the world's most developed nations ensures that the work process runs as efficiently as possible.


Safe and effective cleaning of office chairs

In addition, with the motto "We care for you," we prioritize the health and safety of our customers at all times. All of the cleaning chemical product lines we use are imported directly from well-respected international brands, such as Diversey, Ecolab, etc., that are renowned for their high level of safety and environmental friendliness. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a safe, high-quality cleaning product at an affordable price.


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