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Solutions To Control And Prevent Rats From Care Vietnam

Rats are animals that have a significant impact on the operation and development of a factory, supermarket, or other business. That's why the control and prevention of rats have become even more important and urgent than ever.

Importance of rat prevention and control

Rats are considered uncontrollable pests due to their persistent gnawing habits and quick reproductive rate. They frequently live in groups and move quickly, preferring to hide in humid areas with little traffic. Therefore,  they often infiltrate warehouses, factories, and supermarkets in search of food and shelter, causing a slew of serious consequences that affect production and operations.

The perpetrator destroys furnishings and food.

Rats are very destructive, causing significant damage and repercussions wherever they go. They bite all furniture, including cables, food, and documents, resulting in a variety of dangerous consequences, including:

  • It has an impact on aesthetics and leads to a loss of customer confidence.

  • Damage to property

  • Document and record loss

  • Production halt - business process

Causes of environmental pollution and disease spread.

Rats are not only destructive of food and furnishings; they are also a source of environmental damage and disease transmission. They are exposed to a variety of habitats because they are rodents and omnivores. As a result, numerous serious infectious illnesses have been created, including rat-bite fever, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, plague, Leptospirosis sickness, Salmonella infection, and others.

Rats may be found everywhere in Vietnam, from industries to commercial hubs to supermarkets... It has an influence not just on public health, but also on the development and corporate activity. Care Vietnam has investigated and established efficient methods for controlling and preventing rats while assuring consumer safety.


  Care Vietnam - Solution to control and prevent rats


Care Vietnam is an effective mouse control and prevention solution

Storm - Rat poison tablet

BASF, the world's top chemical business, has developed a new generation of rat poison. That is the best option that fully satisfies the requirements of Care Vietnam: it is safe, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. In addition, Storm has the following advantages:

  • There's no need to add extra bait because the medicine already includes grain: Storm rat poison features delectable grains made by a special cold pressing process that only Storm possesses, which aids in the preservation of the delectable flavor that is particularly appealing to rats.

  • Dosage is really low: For a fatal dosage, rats only need to consume one corner of Storm pellets (approximately 1.25 grams), whereas other products require 2-11 grams or more.

  • The major active chemical is Flocoumafen, which causes progressive bleeding and death. The rat dies 3-5 days after eating the medicine, therefore it is not afraid.

  • Human and pet-safe: Typically bitter and inedible to both people and pets.


Storm - Rat poison tablet


Rat trap with glue

The glue trap solution is a simple, effective method of rat control that does not require the use of chemicals. Glue traps are frequently employed in offices, particularly at entrances. The main advantage of this procedure is that no medications are utilized; only bait is used to draw and glue rats, and rats are captured alive to prevent cross-contamination of food and products... Furthermore, the solution glue traps provide several advantages, including:

  • Simple and simple to use
  • Users save money since the costs are low.
  • Non-toxic and safe for one's health
  • It adheres to all types of mice and insects.


Rat trap with glue


Cage trap

Many units employ the traditional way of setting cage traps in the process of managing and preventing rats on building sites and industries... Cage traps are deployed in a variety of areas at Care Vietnam and are changed on a regular basis to optimize rodent control efficiency. This method is not only efficient, but it also has many additional advantages, such as:

  • There is no environmental damage.

  • The two-door trap design allows rats to enter but prevents them from exiting.

  • Sizes vary.

  • All types of rats are caught in this trap.

  • It is simple to gather and manage.


Cage trap


At Care Vietnam, the rat control process is strictly implemented and meets ISO international standards. The professional management team and technicians are trained in professional knowledge and labor protection guidance throughout the working process. Besides, we are also equipped with modern imported machinery and equipment. Using specialized chemicals, with a clear origin, brings high efficiency in controlling and preventing rats, saving costs, and being safe for people and pets.


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