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Tile Grout Cleaning And Restoration Solution

Restoration and cleaning of tile grout are always the top concerns in the floor construction and maintenance procedure. It not only consumes hours and energy but also influences the building’s aesthetics and the safety of the users.

Restoration - cleaning tile grout and their uses

Tile grout restoration and cleaning is the process of regenerating, replacing, and cleaning the stains on the grout through specialized equipment and chemicals. It requires high technicality and meticulousness in each stage of implementation. 


Restoration and cleaning of tile grout - a solution to create a new look for buildings and projects


Tile grout is considered to be the connection of each floor tile and has a size of 2-3mm, and a depth of 3-5 mm with many effects, such as:  

Floor tile protection

During construction, it is difficult to avoid the impacts that affect the quality of the tile floor. Therefore, tile grout is the preferred choice with the effect of being waterproof, dustproof, and protecting the floor due to weather and outside temperature.

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Increase the aesthetics of the floor

Tile grout is considered a highlight for tile floors and has many colors. It helps to increase the aesthetics and dustproof of the Customers’ houses and projects. Besides, they also have the effect of harmonizing tile floor defects, such as chipping, warping, unevenness, etc.

Easy to replace

Thanks to the tile grout lines, We can easily replace or repair any faulty tile floor without affecting others.


phục hồi và làm sạch ron gạch

Tile grout makes it easy to replace and repair damaged tile floors


The cause of the deterioration of tile grout

Restoration and cleaning of tile grout are required to prevent deterioration for several reasons, including:

  • When tile grout is scrubbed with white cement with a porous texture, water can easily seep through, causing the tile floor to peel and become infected with mold.
  • Utilize white cement diluted in water, then allow the cement to flow into the brick joint. This is considered a time-saving method, but after the grout dries, it tends to shrink and lose its ability to hold the bricks together.
  • Utilize harsh, corrosive, and easy-to-peel-off chemicals.


ron gạch

Tile grout before and after restoration and cleaning


Tile grout restoration solution

Step 1: Survey and prepare your tools

After receiving information from the Customer, We will conduct an inspection of the tile floor that requires restoration, including its deteriorated condition, any errors that require replacement, etc. Prepare materials and tools, such as grouting glue, grout grinding, a vacuum, etc., at the same time.


  • During the dredging process of the tile grout on the wall, We will use a tarp to cover the dust from other items.
  • Block the drainpipe in the toilet to prevent tile grout from clogging it.
  • To ensure safety during the construction procedure, all personnel are outfitted with glasses, masks, and other protective gear.

Step 2: Remove the old grout

To remove the damage and degrade tile grout, use grout grinding. Vertically, with moderate force to avoid damaging the tile floor, and then horizontally, this procedure is performed. Utilize a vacuum cleaner throughout the dredging process, and ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned afterward.

Step 3: Put on the tile grout

  • After treating the old tile grout, We proceed to seal the circuit by mixing glue. Care Vietnam will have a separate formula for each type of grout glue, ensuring the aesthetics and efficiency of the project.
  • Utilize the glue that has been appropriately diluted on the plastic trowel. Then, use it to press the glue at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • After plastering is complete, remove excess grout from the tile with a trowel.


ron gạch

Use a trowel to press the glue at an angle of 45 degrees


*** Some things to keep in mind when mixing grout glue:

  • Mix thoroughly by hand, ensuring that the mixture is evenly combined.
  • Make sure the glue has time to dry for optimal results.
  • Do not add additional ingredients, such as water or flour, after the mixture has been thoroughly combined.

Step 4: Clean and waterproof the grout

After 10 to 15 minutes, use a sponge soaked in water to spirally remove excess glue. This method aids in the upkeep of tile grout during use. To prevent house leaks, use more specialized waterproofing agents for wet areas and surfaces such as kitchens, toilets, etc.

Step 5: Cleaning

After grout restoration, remove stains from surfaces using a dry rag or sponge. Additionally, clean and sanitize the entire area before delivering it to the Customer.


ron gách

Use a soft cloth to clean and dry the surface


Solution for cleaning tile grout

Before the tile grout cleaning process, Care Vietnam's staff will check all types of tile floors. Depending on the type of tile grout, We have suitable cleaning methods. Make sure not to affect the quality of the tile floor.

Prepare some necessary tools for cleaning tile floors, such as scrubbing brushes, cleaning tools, towels, soft cloths, etc.

Step 1: Prepare and clean the surface

Before implementation, the cleaning staff will prepare the necessary equipment, including grouting brushes, mops, towels, etc. First, We ensure there is no dirt on the floor by cleaning it. Then, clean the floor with floor cleaning chemicals.

Step 2: Remove the grout lines

Prepare the grout cleaning mixture and pour it over the grout lines horizontally, then vertically. Use a brush to scrub the area and leave it there for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Clean the tile floor

Use a specialized floor cleaning device to rinse the floor with warm water, remove all dirt, and dry it after 10 to 15 minutes.


Tile grout cleaning process

At Care Vietnam, We provide our clients with comprehensive floor polishing and restoration services. Including restoration and cleaning solutions for tile grout. Care Vietnam's services are always executed with the utmost precision and attention to detail, to guarantee the greatest customer satisfaction.

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