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Wood Floor Restoration And Polishing

The wood floors can be degraded by many external factors after the ages of being used. Therefore, the restoration and polish of wood floors are very important to keep them bright, new, and aesthetic. 

The characteristics of wood floor

Wood floors have great durability, solidity as well as insulation. That is the reason why users can feel the coolness in summer and warmth in winter. In addition, wooden flooring also increases the aesthetics and elegance of the living space. However, the wood floor used for a long time will easily be stained, scratched, and yellowed because the outer protective lay, periodic restoration, and polishing are very necessary. 


Wood floors have good insulation


When are wood floor restoration and polishing needed?

It is important to restore and polish wood floors periodically for 4 to 6 months/ time. In addition, as soon as the wooden floor is detected with signs of stains, stains, scratches, or cracks, we need to quickly plan to restore and polish wooden floors in time. This not only helps protect the wooden floor from further damage, increasing the life of the floor, but also maintains the original value and aesthetics.

The process of wood floor restoration and polishing at Care Viet Nam 

Step 1: Before restoring - polishing wood floors

It is vital to check and clean wooden floors to completely remove sand, grit, and metal objects left on the floor. Besides, it is necessary to choose suitable cleaning tools and chemicals to avoid affecting the quality of the floor. 

Step 2: Surface treatment

After cleaning the floor, use suitable diamond-colored tips to restore the surface of the wooden floor. This is a way to completely remove scratches without damaging the wooden floor, creating a light shine on the floor. After processing, the natural wood color is still guaranteed as the original.

Step 3: Polish the Wooden floor 

Polish the wooden floor with a specialized chemical, which helps to polish and increase the scratch resistance of the floor. 


Wood floor polisher at Care Vietnam


Natural wooden floor 

  • Premium package 

  • Sanding to remove the old gloss layer, roughness #80, #150, #240, and #400 with an industrial sander (for large-area works) or a hand-held machine. The weight of an industrial sanding machine has a volume of 70 to 100Kg.

  • Spreading patching powder.

  • Sanding #240, #400.

  • First primer.

  • Sanding #400.

  • Second primer.

  • Sanding #400.

  • Polishing 3 times by dipping scissors method.  

  • Normal package 

  • Handling scratches. It depends on the status of the floor. If it has deep scratches, adding powder before sanding is necessary.

  • Sanding by hand or with a handheld vibrator on the entire wooden floor to remove scratches and create new paint adhesion with roughness #150, #240, and #400 respectively.

  • Cleaning wooden floors with industrial floor scrubbers and specialized wood floor stain removers.

  • Primer.

  • Polishing 3 times by dipping scissors method.

Laminate wooden floor 

  • Using an industrial floor scrubber to clean the floor, peel off the old glossy coating (if any) and remove industrial wood floor stains with specialized chemicals.

  • Polishing twice by dipping method

Step 4: Handing over the project


The wooden floor has been finished before handing over


  • Conduct an acceptance test of the project after completing the wood floor polishing process, ensuring the work meets the criteria

  • Handing over the project to the Client.

What to do after restoring and polishing the wood floor 

Besides periodically restoring and polishing wood floors, Care Vietnam also supports and advises customers on the usage notes to always keep the inherent beauty of the floor. 

  • Only soft sandals should be worn, avoid clogs, and high heels designed with hard and pointed soles that can easily scratch wooden floors.
  • Do not drag objects directly on the wood floor without a protective pad.
  • Cover the legs of items such as tables, and chairs... with rubber or felt fabric, to avoid damage and scratches to the surface.
  • Avoid flooding or spilling water on the surface of the wood floor, if necessary, use a towel to quickly dry it.
  • Do not let objects fall into the slits of the wood floor.
  • Avoid drying the floor with high heat.
  • Do not arbitrarily repaint when the floor surface is peeling, or use strong cleaning chemicals to clean the floor.
  • It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to completely remove dirt in the floor slits.
  • Use curtains, and close the door when it is hot or humid.


Avoid flooding or spilling water on the surface of the wood floor


With the motto "We care for you", Care Viet Nam’s staff is fully equipped with specialized machines, and professional knowledge on a variety of flooring types, including wooden floors. We are confident to bring solutions to restore and polish wood floors to ensure quality criteria, making the floor always shiny and luxurious.


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