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Floor polishing

Currently, using marble, granite, marble, ship bricks, wood, etc as materials for floor and wall tiles is the choice of many contractors. The above materials not only bring a luxurious, modern and spacious space, contribute to enhancing the aesthetic value of the building, but also make daily cleaning of floors simpler and easier than other types of concrete mortar floors. However, in the process of using, for many different reasons, these materials often encounter problems such as scratching, discoloration, yellowing, opaque, etc which affect the durability and aesthetics of the work. To help restore a its beauty, Care Vietnam brings a polishing solution, a gloss treatment to the floor surface to return the original glow.


Polishing specialist team

With a wealth of experience, meticulousness and dedication to the profession, we do in-depth restoration for all types of flooring thanks to our understanding of each material combined with specialized machinery and chemicals. We are committed to delivering shiny surfaces, to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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