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Facade Cleaning

Currently, buildings, commercial centers, or high-end real estate buildings are tending to design closed houses to create luxurious and modern living and working spaces. However, over time, the impact of external factors makes the glass surface no longer shiny and oxidized gradually, causing loss of the building's aesthetic. With the wish that customers can always live and work in clean shiny buildings, Care Vietnam offers you a professional glass cleaning solution that removes all dirt on the entire glass surface.


Professional team

Being trained and certified for working safety at high altitude by Safety Training Center Region 3 (Quatest 3), professional cleaning experts from Care Vietnam have been able to meet daily needs, customer diversity, and at the same time received positive feedback from partners all over the country.


Advanced and safe equipment

We invest in lifting equipment (Gondola), forklifts, safety vines, labor protection according to international standards. To ensure the safety of the staff, the equipment is imported from reputable climbers in the world and is tested annually. Besides, in order to ensure the safety of your property, during construction we buy community liability insurance with an exemption value usually up to 1 million USD / case.

Other services

In addition, Care Vietnam also provides services: waterproof silicone treatment, aluminum lamination reinforcement, exterior wall paint to give you a safe, clean, beautiful and ideal living space.


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