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Care Vietnam Outstanding Quality In Daily Maintenance Cleaning Service

With many years of experience in the field of industrial cleaning, Care Vietnam is proud of its daily maintenance cleaning service and is highly appreciated by the most demanding customers. We provide full cleaning services and daily maintenance for office buildings, apartments, commercial centers, banks, hospitals, factories, schools, airports...

Daily maintenance cleaning service – the optimal solution for businesses

What is the daily maintenance cleaning service?

A daily cleaning service is a cleaning job that is performed on a daily basis, the nature of the work may be repeated daily, periodically over time, or arise on a case-by-case basis. Contribute to bringing businesses a green - clean - safe environment, limiting the attack of harmful bacteria on the body.

How is the daily cleaning service applied according to the model, scale, and standards of the project?

Depending on each customer, depending on the size of the project, Care Vietnam will set specific standards to improve the quality of existing cleaning services. In addition, we also research and apply technology in cleaning activities to ensure and maintain hygiene quality at each project. Help customers optimize costs and save human resources as well as time.

Daily maintenance cleaning service at Care Vietnam


Why daily maintenance?

Maintaining daily hygiene regularly and at the right time will bring the following benefits to the project:

  • Protecting the project landscape, at the same time will also protect equipment, project assets and the health of workers.

  • Maintain a clean and well-ventilated workplace. This contributes to increased employee productivity and efficiency.

  • Bringing a luxurious appearance to help increase the value of the project. Ensure the output quality of products for customers

  • Helping businesses create a good impression, trust and peace of mind during the cooperation process.

  • Extend the life of equipment - machinery or property of the investor.

Necessary and sufficient criteria for daily maintenance cleaning service to meet standards

Develop policies to retain labor resources in combination with employee training plans, create maximum conditions for employees to exert their full potential, and encourage them to work together towards the main goal of serving customers well.

Create cohesion, the consensus among everyone to perform tasks well and bring the best services to customers.

The process of implementing, checking and evaluating quality daily/monthly/quarterly

Care Vietnam's cleaning staff has a monthly/quarterly training and guidance schedule along with an internal/customer QC (quality check) schedule twice a month. Care Vietnam always provides professionally trained personnel before coming to the project to work to ensure the best quality of service.

Strengths of Care Vietnam

Many years of experience with many different projects and types of services

More than 500 projects and nearly 7000 employees working on projects spread across the country are the results achieved in more than 14 years of the establishment of Care Vietnam. That result has confirmed Care Vietnam's position in the Top 01 successful enterprises in the field of industrial hygiene in the Vietnam market.

Currently, Care Vietnam has had certain achievements in the construction and development of the types of services that Care Vietnam has been providing to partners and all customers such as post-construction cleaning, periodic cleaning services for chairs - carpets, aluminum, and glass outside, stone floors... Among these, the most prominent is Daily Cleaning Service.

Experience from the works, directions for handling, remediation, and notes of Care Vietnam

In order to maintain the quality of the work, a healthy living, working, learning, and entertainment environment, the role of the cleaning staff - the very important contributors in the completion and maintain the hygiene of that project.

Depending on the field and working environment, the cleaning staff at Care Vietnam will use equipment and machines corresponding to that field and environment. It seems that this is a simple job, but it is a very demanding and demanding job for the cleaner. In addition to the required cultural qualifications, sanitation workers need to meet requirements such as good health, hard work, responsibility, and prudence at work, which is extremely necessary. In addition to the need to use human strength, it also requires the power of machines and modern equipment to be able to complete the work more conveniently and quickly.

Care Vietnam staff perform daily cleaning work

When the working environment is cleaned, the assets inside the project are also extended, reducing damage and incurring unnecessary repair costs. Regular cleaning and sanitizing will remove dust and water stains that cause damage to machinery, glass surfaces or surfaces of tools and equipment inside the building.

In large-scale constructions, normal cleaning takes a lot of time to clean. Simple equipment - along with conventional cleaning chemicals cannot completely clean the stains. At Care Vietnam, we use the cleaning chemicals of Diversey - the number 1 brand from the US. Depending on the type of material and type of stain, the cleaning staff will use the right equipment and chemicals to both clean and maintain the life of the property.

For example: In cleaning a factory with an area of ​​​​more than 5000m2, the use of machines to replace human power combined with industrial cleaning chemicals will bring high economic efficiency to customers. Not to mention, maintaining each different type of building material requires a different cleaning process, must be cleaned properly, to avoid affecting other areas. Therefore, businesses need to find a reputable cleaning service provider with full processes and modern machines to be able to bring high efficiency.

With many years of experience in the field of industrial hygiene and care, Care Vietnam is confident to bring customers safe and high-quality cleaning solutions.


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