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Waterproofing Apartment Windows In The Rainy Season


During the rainy season, one of the main priorities is to waterproof apartment windows. They not only have many effects on the appearance and value of the apartment, but they also cause numerous inconveniences in the life of the residents.

Causes of leaking windows

  • After years of extreme temperatures and varying weather conditions, window frames can become damaged, glazing seals broken that leaving gaps where water can seep in.
  • Poorly installed windows will allow rainwater infiltration.
  • Using low-quality adhesive and extreme weather conditions, glazing seals and leaves gaps to allow rainwater to leak inside the windows. 
  • Using low-quality waterproof materials and heavy rain will allow rainwater infiltration.

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Window leaking  from rainwater

Effective methods to waterproof apartment windows in the rainy season

Temporary method 

Using a cloth to seal gaps and cracks to prevent water from leaking. However, you must turn off the power of nearby items, ensuring the safety of you and your family members.

Sealing method

In the case of windows with cracks and small gaps, you can use the method of sealing the gap to limit water penetration through the window. Use cement, mortar, silicone sealant, or gasket for curing. This is considered the most effective and simple to maintain even at home.

Organic silicon method

The organic silicon method is applied for large cracks or gaps. First, clean the surface at the crack site. Then, use cement to seal the apartment together with waterproofing powder and paint the surface with organic silicon to enhance waterproofing ability.

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Professional waterproofing service

There are many simple to complicated ways to waterproof windows in the apartment. However, Investors or owners must choose professional waterproofing services carefully to get long-term results. 


Waterproofing windows for apartments 

As a leading unit in industrial cleaning services, Vietnam always wants to bring customers comprehensive solutions, including waterproofing services for apartment windows and building facades. We have a team of well-trained staff, various equipment, and certifications of labor safety when working at height. The professional implementation process was built by experts committed to bringing customers the highest satisfaction.

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