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Safe and Effective Termite Treatments

Although termites are tiny, they have a speedy growth rate and have many effects on humans. Stay with Care Vietnam to find out how to kill termites safely and effectively in the below article. 

Termites and their taxonomy

The scientific name for a termite is Isoptera; they are closely related to cockroaches. They are a highly "social" group of insects because termites are the earliest kingdom-formers of all species. Termites are also known as "white ants." However, they are not related to ants and even attack them. Termites include many different categories with distinct tasks:

Queen termite 

A queen termite has a small head and large belly with a lifespan of up to 10 years and 12-15 cm in length. They lay a few eggs initially; after 4-5 years, when the genitals mature, the queen can lay from 8,000 to 10,000 eggs.


Termite queen

Worker termites

The worker termites have small bodies and well-developed legs, accounting for about 70-80% of the termite colony. They take responsibility for all jobs in the termite kingdom, such as building nests, making roads, transferring eggs, raising baby termites, etc. The primary and other nests are carefully made up of food and mud. It is a place used for termites to live together.


Worker termites

Soldier termites

Differentiated from worker termites, soldier termites do not make up the majority, mainly guarding the nest and attacking the invasion. They have a pair of developed upper jaws; some also have a jaw gland that secretes white emulsion; when fighting, they can spray liquid to numb the opponent. The senses on both sides of the soldier's mouth are extraordinary and losing the ability to take the bait, the worker termites have to feed the soldier termites.


Soldier termites

Why do we need to remove termites?

Termites are harmful insects; they appear and destroy wooden objects, buildings, and structures. They can dig nests around the foundation or under the construction floors that increase the risk of subsidence, wriggle into tiny openings, and then fill the ground to move to cause electrical problems, property damage, and even danger to human life. Besides, they also threaten essential documents that need to be protected and stored.

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Termites are the leading cause of the destruction of wooden furniture

Safe and effective termite treatments

Termites live in colonies, the colony's leader is called the queen, and it takes on the primary function of reproduction. Termite controllers must find the nest and destroy the queen termite to control termites effectively. Here are a few ways to make your termite control process easier and faster.

Using sunlight

Sunlight can be used to repel termites with small-size items. It is also a quick and effective way to control termites because sunlight is considered a natural enemy of termites.


Sunlight is considered a natural enemy of termites

Mixing lemon and apple cider vinegar

Mix lemon and apple cider vinegar in a ratio of 2 lemons: 2 cups vinegar. Dissolve the mixture and use a spray bottle directly on the areas where termites appear. Termites will gradually leave out.


The mixture of lemon and apple cider vinegar helps to repel termites

Using kerosene or alcohol

This method is taken by wiping wooden objects with a cloth soaked in kerosene or alcohol. Then expose the item to the sun and repeat this step twice. Finally, use a wet cloth dipped in soap to clean the wooden furniture and let it dry.


Kerosene or alcohol helps to repel termites

Using a professional termite extermination service

If termites heavily attack your office, company, or residence, the best solution is to use a professional termite control service. Because termite controllers understand their characteristics well and can offer the best control plan, meeting the customer's requirements without affecting human health.


 Professional termite extermination service of Care Vietnam

Care Vietnam is proud to provide reputable and quality pest control services, especially the termite control service. Care Vietnam is pleased to be a respected and quality pest control company, especially termite control service. Care Vietnam always puts the customer's health first, prioritizing using termite control chemicals from reputable manufacturers with a scientific and professional manufacturing process. With the motto "We care for you," Care Vietnam is committed to providing customers with safe and effective insect control solutions.

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