About Care Vietnam

About us

Care Vietnam, a subsidiary of Care Solutions, is a leading company in industrial cleaning, employee supply, etc. We provide this service to 1,200 customers across the country and hold 75 percent of the market share. Our clients include multinational corporations, public and private businesses, and a variety of services with stringent quality and cleanliness standards, such as luxury residences, office buildings, commercial centers, supermarkets, factories, schools, hospitals, gyms, and airports, among others.
One of Care Vietnam’s highlights is its employees, who always serve customers with thoroughness, bringing the best experience when using it. To secure the customers’ assets, we purchase insurance for our employees, third-party partners, and customers of Care Vietnam. In addition, we commit to using cleaning chemicals from Ecolab, the leading chemical brand in terms of safety and environmental friendliness.
We always serve Customers 24/7.
Call Center: 0909.411.885 | 0911.401.955 | 0979.045.766
Email: Cs@carevietnam.vn