About Care Vietnam


With more than 10 years of development, the success of Care Vietnam has marked the efforts and dedication of the employees. Promotion opportunities are opened up for all employees. The human resources department is always rejuvenated to stimulate dynamism - creativity of youth in each employee so that they can contribute to the development of the Company.

1. Recruitment policy:

Unifying and publicizing throughout the system.
Recruiting according to the needs and development of the Company.
Prioritizing experienced personnel in each actual need.

2. Training and development policy:

Care Vietnam ensures that all employees of the Company are trained to have the professional capacity to perform the assigned tasks. The training and skills training are conducted at the Company or training external courses according to the Company's training plan.

3. Salary and bonus policy:

Care Vietnam develops a salary and bonus policy suitable to each job position, capacity and professional qualification of employees in order to properly recognize the capabilities and results of each individual's work.
Achievement-based rewards: Rewarding individuals/ departments/ works with outstanding achievements in their work, contributing to enhance the reputation and image of the Company.
Task accomplishment rewards: Commend individuals/ parts/ works to actively participate and complete the assigned tasks.
Initiatives rewards: Rewarding individuals who have initiatives that bring benefits to the Company by suggesting new improvement and contribute to improve work efficiency, image and reputation of the Company.
Commending the "Good people with good deeds" examples: Commending individuals who execute fire and rescue activities to protect people and property; who are brave in fighting against crooks, who return property picked up, etc.
Periodical rewards: Achievement for individual/ part/ work of the Quarter.
Types of reward: Certificate of Merit, cash bonuses, promotions, pay raise ahead of schedule, etc.

4. Welfare regime:

Participation in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance comply with the provisions of law.
Participating in annual Company trips for buildings and offices.
Bonus policy according to seniority of working at the Company to encourage employees to stick with the Company for a long time.
Birthday bonus policy is based on the seniority of the Company.
The annual tourism benefit policy is based on the rank and seniority of the Company.
Taking care of your material and spiritual life (wedding gifts, hardship allowances, sickness, filial piety, etc.)

5. Union activities:

Regularly organizing collective activities to create joyful and friendly atmosphere in the Company.
Paying special attention to social relief and charitable activities. Thereby building an image of solidarity and embrace between Care Vietnam staffs and towards the social community.
Care Vietnam's recruitment policy is constantly improving in order to recruit talented human resources and encourage them to promote their full potential in the process of working at the Company.
Care Vietnam truly hopes that we will be able to bring you good opportunities and a professional working environment to develop your career and realize your ambitions.