About Care Vietnam


Care Vietnam was founded in 2007 and offers residential cleaning services in HCMC. Throughout the past 12 years of development, we have strived to build a leading industrial cleaning company with a Customer system spanning 63 provinces. Care Vietnam offers additional services in addition to industrial cleaning, including facade cleaning, floor restoration and polishing, landscaping, pest control, consumption supply, etc.

During the process of formation and development, Care Vietnam understands that quality equipment and personnel are two important factors that need special attention to provide Customers with the best service. Employees Care Vietnam are recruited with strict criteria and are trained over 6 months before taking on any project. Training sessions are regularly conducted to ensure that our employees can stay up-to-date with knowledge and skills, ensuring complete their assigned tasks effectively. Modern cleaning equipment is imported directly from leading global sources, bringing optimal operational efficiency and helping customers save on costs, time, and employee effort.

Care Vietnam uses safe cleaning chemicals, which are imported from famous brands, such as Ecolab, Goodmaid Pro, etc. We are ready to serve Customers 24/7 through the Customer service system.

Along with these factors improving service quality, Care Vietnam also participates in and makes a contribution to social development by providing opportunities for individuals, charities, etc.