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Floor Polishing

 Floors often appear degraded, yellowed, dull... after several years. Therefore, restoring and polishing floors is the optimal solution to bring back their inherent beauty.

What is floor polishing?

Floor polishing is the use of grinders, polishing machines and specialized equipment to grind and polish the floor, helping to remove weaknesses such as scratches, dullness, yellowing ... on the floor after a period of time. 

Types of floors that need to be restored and polished such as marble, granite, terrazzo, wooden floors, tile floors...

Care VN - the leading floor polishing and restoration service in Vietnam

Applying advanced technology and modern machinery, Care Vietnam builds a professional floor restoration and polishing process to meet the requirements of customers. Depending on the nature and condition of the floor surface, Care Vietnam chooses to use different solutions. In addition, we also always focus on finding and selecting chemicals with clear origin, imported from abroad and meeting the criteria of safety - environmental friendliness.

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Floor polishing retains the floor well

Floor polishing keeps the floor well-maintained

Care VN is a leading company providing restoration and polishing services for all types of floors with more than 1,200 large and small customers spread across Vietnam. Scientific cleaning process, meeting strict standards and professional staff with many years of experience in the field of floor restoration and polishing. We are confident to bring our customers great service experiences at an affordable cost.


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