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Planting, Maintenaning Landscape And Green Tree Packages

The demand for landscape maintenance and planting trees for modern living spaces is increasing. Understanding that, Care Vietnam proud to bring to customers perfect and standard service.

Planting service at Care Vietnam

At Care Vietnam, We specialize in providing tree planting services according to the technical process, type and safety to help trees have the ability and conditions to grow well with a professional implementation process:

Step 1: Survey the ground and prepare the trees

  • Prepare the ground, clean up, and clear the planting area.

  • Determine exactly where each plant is planted.

  • Gather seeds, and seedlings, and check potting, seed quality, and planting specifications.

  • Mix planting mixture (soil, fertilizer, rice husk...)

Step 2: Start planting trees
Step 3: Acceptance, payment, and warranty of trees after planting.
Step 4: Clean up after finishing.

Tree planting service at Care Vietnam

Tree planting service at Care Vietnam

Landscape maintenance service

Depending on the needs and volume of trees, customers can choose different packages. Periodic work time will be agreed upon between Care Vietnam and customers and divided into daily, weekly, 2-week, and monthly... according to the actual requirements of trees and customers.

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  • Pruning branches, and shaping bonsai: Use scissors or specialized tools to cut and shape trees or keep them in shape.

  • Lawn mowing: use a lawn mower and scissors to make the grass even and flat. At the same time, proceed to remove weeds.

  • Spraying plant nutrients: spraying foliar fertilizers so that the plants can absorb and grow well to keep the plants green.

  • Fertilization: mix microbial fertilizer, manure, and chemical fertilizer in the right dose to fertilize plants.

  • Pesticide spraying: based on existing plant species and seasonal weather to predict potential pests and diseases to carry out pre-prevention. Spray insecticide if infected.

  • Depending on the aging situation, nutrients will be replaced or supplemented for the tree to recover and grow.

taking care of green plants

Taking care of green plants

At Care Vietnam, we always put the interests and satisfaction of our customers first. Similarly, with landscape maintenance and tree planting services, we want to bring a solution to help optimize costs, but still ensure quality and standard aesthetics for projects that Care Vietnam co-operates with them. With many years of experience and a team of highly qualified staff, we are committed to providing the best service quality, ensuring aesthetics, and meeting the needs of investors.


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