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Flying insect control

Pest control (Insect control) is control, management and extermination activities to apply for all kind of insects. Million years up to now, insects have vary adaptability and keen senses to help them fast growing and developing. There are harmful insects, besides, there are  beneficial insects that have been growing together and making the balance in natural environment. Therefore, pest controller must understand not only all the specifics, effects of each kind of insects and environment situation, but also the specified demand of how to make a decision method for science & suitable solutions.

In tropical countries like Vietnam, insect control & extermination are essential works, especially in buildings, hospitals, apartments, manufactures, supermarkets & public areas, ect. It must be cared on the right way and got durable results.


Flying insect control service

Flies: Usually grow in dirty, toxic areas: landfills, sewers, manure pens, ect. Fly food is animal carcasses, blood, fresh water, ect. The fly's body always carries many bacteria and pathogens. If you put them on food or drink, the germs will easily spread to people. Flies can cause diseases: Worms, fluke, cholera, food poisoning, typhoid, ect.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes feed mainly on human blood to maintain life and growth. Each year, mosquitoes cause more than 1 million deaths worldwide. The ability to grow and develop of mosquitoes is great. They often live in puddles, ponds, rivers, streams, landfills, ect. Mosquitoes cause epidemics of malaria, dengue fever, hepatitis B, yellow fever, ect. There are currently no vaccines to prevent and special medicine to treat many diseases caused by mosquitoes. Therefore, the risk of death or disability if infected with these diseases is great.

And other flying insects



Optimized, friendly & safe insect proposals

Care Vietnam commits on providing evironment friendly, safe insect proposals  protection with reasonable cost.


Management & technical team

Care Vietnam specially attends on training management & technical teams in order to open professional training courses, lead  safety works on sharing insect control and extermination experience.


Chemical, machinery, equipment

We carry on modern imported machineries, specialized chemicals to mach all  kind of insects and customers’ demands.


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