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Cow Insect Control

The uncontrolled penetration of crawling insects such as ants, termites, fleas... is a concern of most businesses. Understanding the problems that customers are facing, Care Vietnam has researched and found the optimal solutions to effectively control crawling insects.

Why control crawling insects?

The losses caused by crawling insects are extremely heavy, they not only cause bad effects on human health but also affect the brand image of businesses. Especially for service businesses such as restaurants - hotels, spas... Some crawling insects need to be controlled such as:

  • Ants are often insects that cause more annoyance than danger. However, there are a few species that are as dangerous to human health as fire ants. Fire ant venom can make the stings red and painful. In some cases, they also cause irritation, dizziness, dizziness, even life-threatening. They can invade buildings and grounds to find food and build nests.



Ants are insects that bring nuisance


  • Termites are small but very destructive insects. They can destroy a building from facilities, books to important documents. Although they do not bite or sting, they are not capable of transmitting disease, but they affect human life. Because when termites nest in partitions, wooden cabinets... will create mold and dust. Since then, when people inhale will cause respiratory problems such as persistent cough, runny nose, or even asthma.


Termites are highly destructive insects


  • Cockroaches are considered the most harmful because of the large number of germs and bacteria that inhabit their bodies. As omnivorous and extremely voracious insects, they can digest almost any food used, present, or unused. Not only that, but cockroaches are also very interested in the covers and spines of books and hardly ignore any items. In business units, cockroaches often appear in places such as kitchens, warehouses, closets, toilets, sewers, and landfills... secretions from glands in the body or food vomit that has been partially digested from the cockroach's mouth. Therefore, controlling cockroaches properly and timely can help businesses avoid health problems such as digestion, dysentery, helminths, poliovirus, etc. In addition, they also cause pathogens. cause irritation, dermatitis, and respiratory disorders.



Cockroaches are unlimited pests

The difference in crawling insect control services at Care Vietnam

Flexible control solution

At Care Vietnam, we always put the safety of our customers and employees first. Therefore, right from the beginning of the insect control process, Care Vietnam is always careful and meticulous in choosing safe control solutions. Depending on the situation, and the degree of occurrence of insects, we use chemical methods or other methods such as setting cage traps, glue traps... human health, and the surrounding environment.

Professional implementation process

In addition to focusing on safety control solutions, Care Vietnam also develops a specialized implementation process by a team of experts in the field of insect control. Especially crawling insects affect businesses. Besides, from the beginning to the end of the process, we always monitor and clean, ensure that the space is always cool and there is no bad smell from insect corpses.


Pest control services in Care Vietnam

Experienced staff

Human resources are considered the key to the success of the business, at Care Vietnam too, We have a team of seasoned experts in the field of insect control. We are committed to bringing safe insect control solutions with outstanding quality.


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- Da Nang: 120 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra, Da Nang City.

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