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Care Vietnam - standard industrial cleaning solution from Japan, meeting the strict requirements of all corporate customers, restaurant - hotel systems, international schools and many types of businesses.

What is industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is understood as a combination of normal cleaning and advanced machinery and equipment, specialized chemicals, along with methods to optimize performance, processing processes, etc., to deeply clean stains over a large area, which brings many benefits and efficiency to businesses.

Types of industrial cleaning

It is completely different from some other types of cleaning services as hourly cleaning services. Industrial cleaning is carried out periodically or maintained daily and is applied to projects with large workloads, such as complex projects, commercial centers, and apartments. Industrial hygiene is divided into 2 main types:

General cleaning

General construction work cleaning prior to handover, such as cleaning - polishing floors, cleaning carpets, blinds, or buildings, apartments, corporate offices, and hospitals



Restore and polish the floor


Daily maintenance

Daily maintenance cleaning is the job of cleaning each part, each area or the entire building in operation, which is repeated regularly, every day





Daily maintenance


Equipment of Care Vietnam

Care Vietnam has more than 1,200 current customers in 63 provinces, in order to fully meet and satisfy customers' requirements, Care Vietnam has fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment to meet each type of business as well as each project. In addition, each employee of Care Vietnam is thoroughly trained before using the equipment to ensure the highest efficiency.

Reference: Industrial cleaning and safety regulation


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Cleaning equipment of Care Vietnam


Uses of some specialized machines:

  • Forklift trucks assist in the cleaning process at heights and difficult construction locations.

  • Water vacuum cleaner removes dust and water before or after scrubbing floors, washing carpets, or washing chairs.

  • A floor scrubber: is a machine used to clean hard floors, quickly removing all stains on the floor surface.

  • Floor polishing machine: this is a specialized machine used to clean, restore and polish the surface of materials such as Marble, Granite. It brings shine to the floor and restores the natural beauty of stone floors.

  • A combined floor scrubber: is a type of machine used to clean the floor periodically with large areas and high workload. Integrated 2 functions of scrubbing and drying to save time and labor.

Industrial cleaning services' Customers

The customers of industrial cleaning services are quite diverse, including:

  • The project has a large scale and area such as high-rise buildings, offices, restaurants - hotels, factories, workshops, factories, processing zones...

  • Villas, apartments, and other separate works...

Depending on the size, area, workload and cleaning quality requirements, Care Vietnam advises on periodic or daily full package industrial cleaning solutions to ensure the quality of customer service.

Care Vietnam's industrial cleaning process

Depending on each business field, customers often have high requirements for quality for industrial cleaning services. Therefore, in addition to the support of specialized cleaning machines, equipment and chemicals, it is necessary to have a professional process to bring about optimal efficiency.

Step 1: Conduct a site survey

Surveying works that need industrial cleaning include: Surveying the area of ​​the work, calculating the workload, determining and the subdivision to be treated. In addition, it is important to note the special regions as well as the quality standards for each type of business. The survey process helps to calculate and prepare the appropriate equipment and machinery, the number of employees and the requirements of the Customer.

Step 2: Prepare tools

It is necessary to prepare supporting machines such as safety ladders, specialized lifts, glass cleaners, large floor cleaning machines, and floor drying machines for areas with large cleaning areas and high difficulty cleaning positions.

Choose chemicals suitable for each material surface, such as wood, granite, tile floors, and cement. Specialized chemicals for toilets have strong deodorizing and bactericidal properties. When choosing to use industrial cleaning chemicals, is the level of safety for the user and the friendliness of the surrounding environment, without causing pollution.

Step 3: Implement

Rough industrial cleaning

  • Arrange furniture to facilitate cleaning as well as to avoid unnecessary damage.

  • Collect all kinds of hard waste.

  • Clean the floor dust with a large or small vacuum cleaner, depending on the area of ​​the work.

  • Remove stains on glass, walls, and floors after vacuuming by combining chemical solutions.

Crystal industrial cleaning

  • Industrial cleaning of fine parts is cleaning several times after the rough cleaning has been completed in each area, from the top down and from the inside out. Daily quality assurance for daily maintenance cleaning service.


Industrial cleaning service

Care Vietnam's current customers include shopping malls, high-class apartments, schools, factories, and factories. In particular, customers have very high criteria when choosing professional industrial cleaning services such as dairy factories, airports, and hospitals. However, with a team of highly specialized staff, the cleaning process is scientifically built, we are always confident and committed to service quality to all customers.


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