Care Vietnam-Waterproofing Solution Of The Building Façade Glass

Glass materials are increasingly being utilised in projects by investors due to their numerous advantages. However, after a long period of usage and exposure to the elements, the quality of the glass gasket will deteriorate, inflicting several detrimental effects on the structure. As a result, the investor will require solutions for waterproofing the façade glass as well as cleaning the glass surface.

Façade glass waterproofing

Waterproofing of façade glass is a method for preventing liquids from penetrating gaps between glass walls. This is a vital job because it has a direct impact on the building's quality and aesthetics.




Care Vietnam is a reputable provider of waterproofing solutions for façades.



Permeable façade glass has several causes.

  • Wrong installation technique: During the construction process, the employees did not carefully calculate the data and lacked technical skills, negatively impacting the façade glass quality and usage time.
  • Using inappropriate façade glass: there are many different varieties of façade glass on the market today, all with varying widths, thicknesses, and material textures. , before beginning construction, the investor must select the type of façade glass that is appropriate for the intended application. Choose a type of façade glass that is not too thin, subpar, or easily broken.
  • Using low-quality glue: regular glue has a shelf life of 5–10 years, after which it will begin to age, peel, and cause people to have accidents. Many non-specialist units still utilize a mix of structural and surface glue, lowering the glass wall's quality and usable life.
  • The structure has been in use for a long time: the aluminium frames are prone to deformation due to weather, and the glass surfaces are easily displaced. At the same time, if the gasket on the glass wall is not checked and maintained regularly, it might be damaged or shattered.
  • No water retaining strip: a water-retaining strip will aid in the waterproofing of building façade glass. It is a cost-effective yet time-consuming method of waterproofing doors and windows.

Care Vietnam-an effective solution for waterproofing façade glass

Care Vietnam will advise and supply waterproofing solutions for the façade glass following each customer's requirements and standards, depending on the ground and the degree of penetration of the façade glass.

Gap sealing method

You can waterproof the façade glass with cement, asphalt, grout, and other materials for slits and cracks that aren't too complicated. This is a straightforward but efficient approach to reducing construction expenses.

Waterproofing façade glass with silicone glue

Silicon is well-known for being a water-resistant adhesive that does not dissolve or corrode when exposed to water. Furthermore, silicone glue has high adhesion and cures quickly, reducing processing time while maintaining quality and aesthetics. As a result, this glue is regarded as one of the best options for waterproofing building façade glass.




Silicone glue solution for waterproofing façade glass.



Care Vietnam's safety waterproofing façade glass process

Building façade glass waterproofing needs not just qualified personnel and cutting-edge technology, but also a meticulous implementation process that protects worker safety. At prestigious units like Quatest 2, Quatest 3, all staff working at height are thoroughly trained and accredited for working at height. Furthermore, we employ high-quality climbing equipment imported from major manufacturers such as Petzl, Protecta (Europe), and others, all of which are dedicated to offering the highest level of service.

Step 1: Prepare

  • Set up warning signs and demarcate the work zone. Arrange for safety monitoring personnel during the implementation phase at the same time.
  • Prepare climbing ropes, suspended platforms, lifts, rope clamps, protection gear, safety hooks, and waterproofing tools for the glass wall.
  • Install the lifeline system and seat belts according to the Technical Supervisor's procedures and instructions.

Step 2: Cleaning

  • First of all, the cleaning staff need to use knives and specialized tools to scrape off the glue and paint remaining on the aluminium frame surface. Then use specialized industrial cleaning chemicals for aluminium with the right dosage to clean the aluminium frames. Proceed to wipe again with a damp cloth and clean water after completing the above steps.
  • Use solutions suitable for each spot on the glass surface. The gap sealing method can be used for cracks and small gaps. Or use silicone glue for large cracks, the glass wall is in danger of being moved.

Step 3: Check, gather tools and clean

Care Vietnam will conduct a thorough inspection of the treated glass surfaces after completing the building façade glass waterproofing procedure. Assuring that the requirements are met following the customer's expectations. During the process of carrying out and collecting the tool after completion, we always assure hygiene.



The process of implementation is based on science and safety.



Care Vietnam is one of the few units in Vietnam with personnel with extensive experience in the fields of façade glass cleaning and waterproofing. We not only have a skilled workforce, but we also differ in our implementation and licensing processes, while also committing to the highest level of customer service and ensuring staff safety.

More information can be found at Care Vietnam, a top expert in building glass cleaning.


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