Happy Lunar New Year: A Delightful Tet Atmosphere At Care Vietnam

The ending of each year brings with it a new beginning. 2023 was a year marked by significant challenges and remarkable achievements of Care Vietnam. Surely in the last days of the Lunar Year, everyone had mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement for the coming of Tet.

Immersed in that exciting atmosphere, Care Vietnam brought spring to all members. Tet has come to the doorstep with blooming yellow apricots, banh chung, and watermelons. The decorations at the office were familiar and brought wishes for a lucky and successful new year. Everyone was excited to take beautiful photos in those meticulously decorated areas.

Trang trí tết tại văn phòng

The Tet atmosphere has come to the office of Care Vietnam

In the last days of the Lunar Year, all members worked at full efficiency to complete outstanding tasks for a Tet reunion with loved ones. It could be seen that, although everyone was busy, Care Vietnam still prioritized cohesive collective activities and decorations to create an atmosphere full of vitality and inspiration to work. The Board of Directors not only focused on business activities but also spiritually cared for employees. 

Care Vietnam is always proud of the corporate culture that we have built year after year. This is not only a common foundation of values but also plays an important role in attracting and retaining talent, creating a positive working environment and contributing to our long-term success. Consensus, solidarity and respect are our top priorities.

Tet holiday is also a suitable occasion for Care Vietnam to send gratitude to Customers and Partners for your companionship and support throughout the past year. Your trust is the motivation that helps us constantly strive and reap many achievements in 2023.

The Tet holidays are coming, Care Vietnam is grateful for the dedication of all employees and the companionship of Customers. We would like to send our best wishes for a peaceful, positive and successful new year. Hopefully, in the next year, Care Vietnam will achieve many achievements, conquer new milestones and develop further.