In-Office Greenery Care Service

Greeneries have a critical role in enterprises as one of the spiritual remedies for employees, resulting in increased productivity. Businesses, on the other hand, want a professional office greenery care solution from reputed units for the greenery to adapt and flourish healthily.

The benefits of office greenery

Air conditioning

Greeneries at the office help absorb CO2 and dust in the air thanks to their ability to photosynthesise and regenerate oxygen. Following that, businesses will benefit from a fresh, green, and clean working environment. Greeneries also aid in the elimination of mould and bacteria in the workplace. Simultaneously, decrease the pollutants generated by gadgets like printers and PCs.

Employee health should be improved.

Green space in the office not only keeps employees cool, but also improves their health by lowering stress, weariness, and the negative visual impact of working on a computer for too long.

Increasing creativity and attention

Workplace design has a direct impact on employee productivity and creativity. The cool green tint of the greenery provides a sense of comfort and ease, helping employees to concentrate better, boost creativity, and increase productivity. Furthermore, due to elements such as bark and leaves that assist reduce office disturbances such as noise from equipment or echoes when speaking, greeneries in the office are compared to natural sound absorbers.



Office greenery and its benefits


Greenery in the office has several disadvantages.

The costs of construction and upkeep are substantial.

Unlike urban green plants, office greeneries require regular maintenance and appropriate nutrients to ensure that it develops fully. As a result, businesses will have to invest a significant amount of money and effort in maintaining and caring for office greeneries. Furthermore, while developing and constructing green landscapes in their offices, businesses are concerned about the cost of purchasing and replacing them.

Mosquitoes and other insects are easily seen.

The presence of mosquitoes, flies and mould bacteria is one disadvantage of growing office greeneries. If no appropriate solutions are implemented by a professional staff, the quality of work, as well as the appearance of the workplace, will suffer.

Solutions to take care of office greeneries at Care Vietnam

Care Vietnam provides office greenery care services with a professional, scientifically constructed implementation approach, assuring the development and optimization of the greenery life cycle:

Step 1: Prepare

The staff will prepare equipment such as water sprayers, watering cans, pruning shears, cleaning cloths, and fertilizer before taking care of the office greenery.

Check the status of greeneries in the office at the same time to prepare fertilizers and care solutions.

Step 2: Examine the greenery's condition.

The classification status after a time of use is as follows: ageing or unhealthy plants. Because if we don't discover the pest problem and respond quickly, the greenery's vitality will deteriorate and expenditures will rise.

Step 3: Perform care and maintenance.

  • Watering: There will be different watering regimes depending on the type of greenery. Greeneries near a sunny location should be watered 1-2 times a day in the morning and afternoon. Watering simply 1-2 times a week at the base of the greenery and wiping it with a wet cloth if the leaves are dirty is recommended for greeneries that are put in a position that is less exposed to sunlight.
  • Dust the leaves and trim any that are yellow or damaged.
  • Fertilization: Fertilization will begin as soon as tall tops, golden leaves, and pale young leaves appear on the greenery. Every 25–30 days, apply a nitrogen-rich fertiliser or an NPK fertiliser.
  • Nutrients will be supplied or added depending on the ageing condition of the greenery for it to recover and grow.
  • Taking care of bugs and getting rid of them.

Step 4: Cleaning

  • Cleaning dish.
  • Cleaning and sanitising tools.



Care Vietnam's slogan is meticulousness and attentiveness in every phase of implementation.


Furthermore, Care Vietnam has a team of skilled and experienced employees in the field of greenery care who are always available to assist and answer clients' questions. Care Vietnam also provides related services such as landscape design, constructiongreenery supply and rental to satisfy customers in each service at a reasonable cost and in a feasible way.



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