Let's Honor Women With Care Vietnam

The "flowers" have always silently contributed to the success of Care Vietnam. They are the inspiration and motivation for Care Vietnam to make the world more beautiful.

During more than a decade of operation, Care Vietnam has had memorable milestones and cooperated with more than 1,500 Customers and Partners that are leading domestic businesses. Behind our successes, We are fortunate to have "extraordinary" women who are always dedicated and devoted to the development of Care Vietnam. Whether they are employees on projects or in the office, our women are continuously diligent and persistent every day to complete their work to the fullest.

Chúc mừng ngày QTPN 08.03-01a-01

Happy International Women's Day

On our journey to conquer Customers and bring great values, the brilliant "flowers" are honored as excellent employees at projects. These are not only worthy of recognition for the women's dedication and positive contributions to their work but also show that all Care Vietnam employees always strive to bring satisfaction to Customers.

Những đóa hồng xinh đẹp và tài giỏi

"Beautiful and talented roses" are indispensable parts of Care Vietnam 

Lê Thị Ngà - Eng

Ms. Le Thi Nga - Construction Supervisor, was honored as one of the best employees in the second quarter of 2023 at the California Fitness & Yoga Gigamall Thu Duc project

Nguyễn Vũ Yến Nhi - Eng

Ms. Nguyen Vu Yen Nhi, Construction Supervisor, was honored as the best employee of October 2023 (Above & Beyond Award) at the Estella Place project

The "Care Vietnam’s flowers" always leave strong impressions because of their beauty in labor, diligence and hard work. A beauty of silence, simplicity but extremely admirable. On the occasion of March to express gratitude to women around the world, We send our best wishes to women. Wishing you all always beautiful, youthful, joyful and filled with happiness in life.


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