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The need for green spaces in modern life increases continuously. Landscaping brings green, beautiful, fresh space, making real estate more valuable. However, caring for and maintaining green areas requires proper techniques and standards to ensure stability and aesthetics for the project.

The role of landscaping services for projects

Green space brings many positive health and psychological values to people. According to many social and psychological studies by experts worldwide, trees help relieve stress and fatigue and improve cognitive ability, reasoning ability, and work efficiency... The "Real Estate Consumer Psychology Report," first published by on the morning of February 24, 2022, showed that 61% of people surveyed wanted to live in areas of green spaces and gardens.

Green space contributes to relaxation, harmony, and comfort and honors the unique and distinct beauty of the overall architecture, and enhances the value of high-rise buildings and residential areas, 5-star hotels, resorts...

Chung cư xanh

Living space where there are trees is upgraded 

Care Vietnam's landscaping services

Landscaping services are activities to build green spaces and ensure the campus retains original beauty, cleanliness, and greenery. Maintenance activities must be performed regularly and periodically depending on the nature of the trees, grass, and other factors.

Landscaping services are outstanding choices for Customers. With a solid foundation and experienced staff, We are confident in providing landscaping services that help enhance real estate projects. Customers will receive enthusiastic and dedicated advice from a team of consultants to choose a service package that suits their needs, helping to save time and costs. Customer satisfaction is always the top priority at Care Vietnam.

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We are ready to provide professional - dedicated landscaping services

Landscape design and construction

Landscape construction is usually the final stage when the other parts are completed. The design needs to be done individually, ensuring sustainable development that is suitable for the surrounding landscape and local weather conditions and helps to facilitate landscape care. At the construction stage, it is necessary to plant greeneries according to technical procedure types and ensure safety to help the trees have the ability and conditions to grow well. Landscape design and construction items include:

  • Miniature garden landscapes for cafes, restaurants, hotels, residential areas, industrial parks, schools, shopping centers...

  • Carpet grass and artificial grass

  • Green trees for projects in the urban

thiết kế cảnh quan

Creatively design and construct landscapes to enhance the whole construction

Providing interior and exterior plants

Exterior greeneries are trees planted in open spaces for decoration, creating miniature landscapes for home gardens or urban areas. These plants come in various sizes and are suitable for outdoor landscapes to develop green and fresh space. Interior plants live and grow in environments with low light conditions, such as offices and houses... not only help decorate but also bring a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Care Vietnam provides:

  • Green greeneries for buildings, offices, urban projects...

  • Types of plant pots

  • Soil and fertilizer, decorative gravel...


To make sure the landscapes constantly maintain their original beauty, there needs to be meticulous care and minimization of the risk of trees wilting or dying. Landscaping activities include watering, fertilizing, and pruning plants, cleaning weeds, and preventing pests and diseases for plants... Customers can choose to take care of the landscape periodically:

  • Every quarter

  • Monthly

  • Daily

Greenery rental

Decorative greeneries are also essential elements in events, shopping centers, offices... Greenery rental services are increasingly popular because of the flexibility and optimal long-term investment cost on the project's landscape while still ensuring aesthetics. Trees for rent are periodically cared for, pruned, or replaced, helping to save costs and maintain beauty.

Landscape beautifies the project and is the criterion that determines the class of the project. Care Vietnam's landscaping services help managers and Investors save time in caring for and increasing the aesthetics of the architecture. If Customers have needs related to landscaping services, please contact Care Vietnam via the information below for dedicated and professional advice.


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