Like New Carpet Care: Happy Luna New Year With Care Vietnam

As a professional carpet cleaning service provider, Care Vietnam always knows how to make Customers faithful and satisfied. With the motto of conquering customers with quality, we provide professional carpet cleaning services that please thousands of customers year after year.

Advantages of professional carpet cleaning services from Care Vietnam

Choosing a professional carpet cleaning service from Care Vietnam not only gives customers outstanding quality and peace of mind but also brings important benefits.

Optimize cleaning efficiency

Equipment and tools are imported genuine from developed countries around the world, censored for quality and safety. The spray-suction carpet cleaning system helps clean deeply into fabric fibers and effectively removes each layer of dirt. Efficient equipment helps shorten cleaning time, saves fuel and optimizes efficiency.



Optimize carpet cleaning efficiency with a professional unit

Eliminate harmful bacteria 

With a system of modern equipment and specialized chemicals, it helps clean deep inside the carpet, eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and fine dust. Carpets are deeply cleaned according to a systematic process that optimizes cleaning efficiency, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, allergens, respiratory diseases, and dermatological diseases, and brings about a cleaner living space.

Eliminate unpleasant odors 

Carpets easily get dirty and smelly after long periods of use, causing unpleasant odors in living and working spaces. Therefore, choosing carpet cleaning from a reputable unit not only helps bring cleanliness, fragrance and comfort but also eliminates unpleasant odors and prevents factors that affect health and quality of life.

Increases carpet longevity

An intensive carpet cleaning process with specialized cleaning chemicals of safe origin helps remove fine dust, stains and other agents that affect the quality of the carpet. Carpets are not only cleaned better but also help prolong the life cycle, preserve the durability and color of the carpet as well as save costs. 

Increase aesthetics

The appearance of stains on the carpet surface creates a feeling of less cleanliness and aesthetics in living and working areas. With a team of experienced staff who understand the carpet cleaning process, Care Vietnam will provide outstanding service quality, bringing a clean and new look to the carpet.


Clean carpets increase the aesthetics of the living space 

Professional carpet cleaning process 

Carpet cleaning requires equipment, cleaning chemicals, experienced personnel, and other important factors to ensure cleaning effectiveness and safety. Care Vietnam would like to show you the basic steps in the professional carpet cleaning process.

Step 1: 

    • Clean up the area to clean the carpet conveniently

    • Place cleaning in progress signs

Step 2:  

Collect trash and vacuum carpet surfaces  

Hút bụi giúp loại bỏ bụi bẩn bám trên thảm

Vacuum the carpet surface

Step 3: 

Prepare carpet cleaning chemicals and test on a small area before mass implementation to minimize risks and carpet damage.

Step 4: 

Use specialized equipment to clean hard stains on carpets.

Carpet Care

Use specialized carpet cleaning equipment

Step 5: 

Use a carpet dryer.

Step 6: 

Check and put them back into normal use.

As a professional and reputable cleaning service provider, Care Vietnam always takes quality as our top criterion. In the diverse service chain, carpet cleaning service is one of the strengths and is trusted by many Customers. Please contact us immediately via the information below to receive more advice about this service.


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