Providing Interior And Exterior Trees

Understanding the concerns and concerns of investors in creating green space in projects, Care Vietnam with the service of providing interior and exterior trees, ensuring to meet the criteria of the Owner investment, bringing green - clean living and working space.

What are indoor and outdoor greenery?

  • Exterior green plants are plants that are planted around gardens or buildings to help decorate the landscape, create miniatures for home spaces or urban areas, often have a very diverse size and are suitable for growing outdoors. to create a garden landscape, in harmony with nature.
  • Interior green plants are plants that live and grow in environments with low light conditions such as offices, houses, etc., which both help decorate the space, and also bring a sense of relaxation and comfort.



Service of supplying interior and exterior trees at Care Vietnam



Care Vietnam - Service to provide indoor and outdoor greenery

At Care Vietnam, We provide:

  • Interior green plants, table pots, aquatic plants
  • Construction trees, office trees, fruit trees, flower trees
  • Porcelain pots, plastic pots, artificial rattan pots, high-class composite pots
  • Nutrient soil, meat soil for plants, clean cow manure, vermicompost
  • Decorative pebbles: white, yellow, purple…

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With the desire to accompany customers in creating green space, Care Vietnam is always ready to support and advise customers in each stage. With a source of quality green plants, selected before being delivered to customers. Therefore, the Investor is completely secure about the quality as well as the growth ability of the trees at Care Vietnam.


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Care Vietnam


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- Da Nang: 120 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra, Da Nang City.

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