Solutions To Recovery - Cleaning Terracotta Floor Tiles

The tiles frequently experience problems such as cement stickiness, blurring, many scratches, mouldy and mossgrown... as a result of the construction process or over time of use. To restore the inherent ancient beauty of the terracotta tiles, restoration - cleaning is required. Choosing prestigious and experienced units will help customers save money and time while also ensuring quality maintenance.

What are terracotta tiles?



What are terracotta tiles?

Terracotta tiles are tiles made from terracotta at a high temperature, will have a reddish-brown color. This is a tile with high traditional aesthetics, ancient beauty, and good moisture absorption ability, as well as the ability to be cool in summer and warm in winter. At the same time, because of their low cost, tiles are frequently used in construction items such as:

  • The garden is a popular use of this type of tile because it not only brings a fresh space but also has an anti-slip ability and limits the growth of mold and moss. Furthermore, the terracotta tiles are heat resistant and help to keep the garden cool.
  • Pagodas and temples: terracotta tiles are a typical type of tile in the design and construction of temples. Its natural red color contributes to the sanctity, antiquity, and high aesthetics of the temple.
  • The buildings have an ancient style: the design trend of "northern or southern countryside" style is increasingly favored by high-income families. Tiles are used in these works to make us feel ancient and bring us to the last time.
  • Villa buildings also tend to use details such as terracotta tiles to enhance the beauty and elegance of the home.

The advantage of terracotta tiles

  • Anti-slip: this is a type of tile with surface roughness combined with modern production technology, so today's terracotta tiles are very limited in moss-grown, avoid slipping, and ensure safety when used.

  • The natural red-orange color of the terracotta tile is the result of the firing process along with the clays that bring warmth and brightness to your home's premises. Besides, with their diverse shapes, terracotta tiles are more and more chosen by customers in the construction process.

  • Good heat resistance: with the outstanding feature of being hygroscopic and moisture-retention, good heat transfer ability but not annealing heat like other tiles, it brings cool space in summer and warmth in winter.

  • It is easy to wash and clean.

  • The low cost of the product.

However, tile has a poor bearing capacity, so it can break when there is a strong impact, high moisture retention, so over time, if you don't clean it, it will stick to mold and moss. Besides, it has rough surfaces, so it is easy to be dirty during construction or use



Common terracotta tile problems

Terracotta tiles with paint

In the process of completing the work, it is inevitable that the paint will stick to the floor tiles, and it is no exception.

Use a little gasoline or aromatic gasoline with high detergent to stick directly on the paint stain. If the paint spots are small, you can wipe them with a cloth soaked in gasoline. After about 3 minutes, use a soft cloth to wipe them off, and avoid using abrasive cleaners that will scratch the tile surface. To remove the smell of gasoline after cleaning the paint stains, you can use a specialized floor cleaner to clean it again.

Cleaning moldy terracotta tiles caused by cement

The dust of plaster and cement mortar during the construction process gets stuck on the surface, affecting the cleaning and finishing process of the work when handed over. If the industrial cleaning unit does not do it properly or does not handle it thoroughly, the stain can stick and penetrate the tile. After a while, these cement stains will be affected by the humidity in the air, which will cause mold and mildew, which will have a big impact on how they look.





Cleaning moldy terracotta tiles caused by cement


Cleaning the tile floor due to cement grout with specialized chemical solutions, combined with the proper equipment and tools, results in high efficiency and maintains the tile floor's quality. Some chemical solutions used for cleaning cement grout Care Vietnam such as:

  • Cement remover GMP 201: help to remove cement stains, and putty dust quickly, contributing to saving time but still providing outstanding efficiency. It has the ability to protect the floor surface and does not cause the tiles to fade.
  • GMP 330 floor cleaner is a powerful polishing solution that aids in the removal of stains from the floor. To clean all surfaces, use a strong and appropriate detergent.

In addition, Customers must also prepare some additional tools, such as a construction effervescent tree, baking soda powder, colorless vinegar, a scrubbing table, and a clean towel, to assist in cleaning and removing cement stains.

Cleaning mossy terracotta tiles

With high moisture absorption and retention properties, it is not glazed, so it is easy to be affected by impacts from the outside environment. The areas of the terracotta floor tiles that have been wet for a long time without being cleaned and scrubbed will easily cause moss formation, which is unsightly and dangerous because of the slippery.

Using a broom or iron brush to rub directly on the moss stains on the terracotta floor tiles is the simplest and most effective way to remove them. After completely removing the moss stains on the terracotta floor tiles, you should use specialized cleaning chemicals to clean the overall again.



Cleaning mossy terracotta tiles


Many customers ask if it's okay to remove moss with a large pressure washer

The use of a high-pressure washer only partially removes the moss on the surface of the tile but does not completely clean the moss. At the same time, high pressure will affect the tile grout and reduce the waterproofing ability (for works involving high-rise tiles), so customers should consider a high-pressure washing machine as a solution.

Care Vietnam was established in 2007 and now has 15 years of experience in industrial cleaning services, including floor cleaning services, in which cleaning terracotta tile. We have all the factors to help customers feel more secure when using the service such as:

  • Modern equipment and machinery: at Care Vietnam, we have a full range of specialized equipment and machines such as manned combination floor scrubbers, single scrubbers, industrial vacuum cleaners, etc. for floor cleaning and cleaning.
  • Care Vietnam's staff are professionally trained, periodically assess the quality of their capacity, and provide working safety in cleaning industries before implementing the project.
  • Chemicals used are imported directly from famous and prestigious brands such as Ecolab, Goodmaid Pro, etc., originating from the US, Japan, Malaysia and so on.

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Modern equipment and machinery at Care Vietnam



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